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  1. kiwi


    most of the people in germany havent even heard of him.....his sound is commerical trance and it's been dead here for years the hotest sound in west germany is progressive house / tech-house
  2. kiwi

    Europe or North America?

    I was in LA last year and I was really disappointed….and that was West Hollywood/Beverly Hills…..I can’t imagine what life is like in other parts Everyone complain that they have to work all day long in order to afford living…..they have no time for their hobbies….no security in job and so on. As far as fashion is considered….it was at least one year behind Europe (so no shopping for me)…..I personally found that in upper Tehran, people war more fashionable than in L.A. I liked San Diego much better….clean and much more classy Las Vegas…..my first comment was: is that it!?!?! I had imagined it much bigger….. It seems you can make it big in U.S. if you spend all your time and energy on it.…..there is no limit on how successful you can get…….but on your way to your success you miss out on life. I heard it couple of times in our discussions that “In the U.S. we make more money than you, but we don’t have any time to spend it right. You have more time but less money.” That was my impression of L.A. and U.S. For me Europe is the optimum…here are my reasons: Where I live you can drive to Amsterdam in 2 hours, Paris 4 hours, French Riviera 7-8 hours And fly to London in 1 hour, Tehran 5 hours, Ibiza 2 hours.... You have job security….you are guaranteed by law a minimum of 6 weeks paid vacation…. The people are open-minded about almost everything…… People look better, dress better; listen to better music, eat better and party much much better There is more culture, history, art, fashion, music….. In Europe you can really live…..as you should be living
  3. kiwi


    Hmmmm....trance? That's soooooooooooooooo 90's! :p Anywaysssss..... Tocadisco is german, from the city of Cologne and the resident DJ of my favourite club. And his music doesnt have anything to do with trance!
  4. kiwi

    Europe or North America?

    Where do you prefer to live? Europe or USA? Why? What is it that you like about that paticular place? Having lived more than half of my life in europe, I can't imagine to live in the USA. I know many people who wish to move to the US, but the thing is that they have never visited the US. Those who have been there have no intention moving overseas. What about the iranians in the US? Could you consider moving to europe?
  5. kiwi


    DJ Behrouz was nominated for "THE NO COVER AWARD FOR BEST BREAKTHROUGH DJ". But sadly for him he was in the same group as Gabriel & Dresden. I think 2004 will be the breakthrough year for DJ Behrouz. Ibiza opening is in 1 month and I'll be there. I will definitly try to catch him there. Guest=Kiwi I forgot to log in.
  6. kiwi

    Answer and ask the next person

    Guest=Kiwi I forgot to log in.
  7. kiwi


    Iranian DJ-duo DEEP DISH (Ali Shirazinia and Sharam Tayebi) won two out of their three nominations this year, with gongs going to them in the following categories: - Best DJ (US DJs) - Best Compilation for 'Global Underground 025: Toronto' Deep Dish are one of the biggest DJs/producers in house and progressive house worldwide. These latest awards add to a huge list of accolades that include a Grammy win for their remix of 'Thank You' by Dido. Click here for full list of award winners. ------------------------------------------ Other prices so far: Winner – Grammy Award 2002 “Best Remixed Recording” for Dido’s “Thank You” Nominee – Grammy Award 2001 “Remixer of The Year (Non-Classical) Winner – DanceStar USA Award 2002 Best Compilation for Deep Dish – Global Underground: Moscow Nominee – DanceStar USA Award 2003 Party 93.1 FM Award for Best Remix for Justin Timberlake’s “Like I Love You” (Deep Dish remix) (Jive) “Hot Duo,” Rolling Stone, August 2001 Winner – Muzik Magazine SAS Award 1998 “Best International DJ” Deep Dish also ranked… #2 in the “Best Dance/DJ Artist” category by the critics of Rolling Stone for their music awards of 2001 #9 out of 50 of “America’s Favorite DJ’s” in BPM in 2002 #10 in DJ Magazine’s World’s Top 100 DJ’s reader’s poll for 2001 and #16 in 2002
  8. kiwi

    Answer and ask the next person

    A: Never. Q: What is final exams?
  9. kiwi

    Answer and ask the next person

    A: Be to che! Q: When was the last time you exercised?
  10. kiwi

    Music style

    What is your favourite music genre? I personally am stuck between House and Techno.