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    Travelling in Iran

    that's exactly what i wanted to do too xerxes13. Have u found out the driving license requirement yet?Apparently Iranian authority only issue a one weeks license for those who bring in their car. Two years ago I met a Swedish who had to leave his car in Turkey because of that.
  2. moltov

    Pic of HOMA(wanted)

    What is suck about tatoo? Because you cant do anything with it?If this is ur reason, there are millions of thing that're suck. Lolita37 is right, tatoo is a very personal thing. Try get urself a copy of Miami Ink (just in case you dont know,u can see it on discovery channel), tatoo have evolved from the old ganster stereotype to an art. People associated it with respect, emotion and believe. By the way, who said you cant removed tatoo?what a joke!
  3. moltov

    Pic of HOMA(wanted)

    Hi Persian Prince, Yes I had tried googling, indeed the picture above is a result of googling. however i coudlnt find anything. If u know of anyother way, please let me know. Thanks alot. By the way thanks for your concern about the nature of the post, I am a newbie plz forgive me.
  4. moltov


    I just had some babari, it was awful....too bad there is no real babari in NZ
  5. Hi guy I always been wanted a Homa tatooed on my arm and been trying to look for a good pic of homa for ages but was failed. So here i am hoping some of you here have a good pic of Homa,the legendary bird. A 2-D with high detail would be marvellous as i want it for tatoo. I found the actual Homa bar relif pic from persepolis is useless because they dont have much detail. Many thanks first. the homas here are great but the tatoonist cant get much out of this. please help!!