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    Football ... A Little Cricket .. Iran And Persian Language ... <br />Music - of course .. Iranian Music and Pushto , to english and anything that sounds good ... <br />
  1. Suhail

    where are you from?

    Born and Bred In Manchester,England Originally a pashtun from peshawar :t :bl
  2. I Hope i havent broke the rules of this thread .. im pashtun but my grandmother is iranian ... from mashad So i thought maybe i would be allowed to vote ... Im muslim ... and proud to be ...
  3. mate ... thats my point pashtuns are aryan i dint say they were persian or owt lol anywayys kapow .. im gonna jet thanks for being honest hope to get some more replies indians ? now where did that come from lol and thanks madomoieselle hun c ya
  4. Hiya guys ... well as some of ya now im pashtun and an also part persian my grandma comes from mashad Just wondered why do many persians resent being linked with pashtuns and well more or less hate them ... and really i just want everyone to be honest cause im not gonna get offended or hurt i want ya guys to be honest pashtuns persians kurds w.e ancestory is all from iranian tribes and so are our languages so ... whats to hate ? cheers
  5. Suhail

    Perspolis/Esteghlal thread

    Well im a neutral ... cant decide whether i like persepolis or esteghlal more !!! ali karimi and mehrzad played for persepolis soo i probably favour persepolis ( if i spell it right ) ... more ... can anyone tell me where exactly are saba battery from and sephan ? like are they from tehran? shiraz ? or cloud nine ? any help
  6. I bet you youre from Dubai too.... lol Hey mate what you on about ?? :boredom_wft: :boredom_wft:
  7. Suhail

    How Persian are u?

    55 % ... not bad not bad considering im not even persian .. my great grandparents were .. im pashtun ( afghan ) and damn .. :bl :bl that afghan question almost got to me ...
  8. Maaaaaaan Enshalah the thugs will get caught and prosecuted !! man this is soo sick goes straight through me man wanted to cry and i just felt disgust when i read the woman had to perform oral sex on her own son !! thank god they havent been killed ...
  9. Suhail

    Links Between Persian and Pushto

    Hey all , hope your all doing well ... this only one of my few posts here ... my names suhail and im pushto ... 1/4 persian too but anyways i just wanted to know if someone could tell me some links and connections between persian and pushto They are very similar languages ... what is the history !!! anyone !! thanks
  10. Suhail


    Sorry if i'm a little late sep ... welcome bud ... enjoy yer stay .. :dance_baby_wft:
  11. Suhail

    Hiya !!

    Food - Love - Uuuuuum Do You Like Me - Im going to shop/out -
  12. Suhail

    Hiya !!

    looooooool nice ..... i have geordie and normal accent cause peeps in oldham dont really have an accent ... depends ... hmm persian classes some key words then !!! :dance_baby_wft:
  13. Suhail

    Hiya !!

    OMG Never call me a brummy LOLL, too slang for me. Plus I sound more like a C.Londoner :harhar_wft[1]: i believe the word you are missing there is ... hehe COCKNEY !!! LOL ... there should be a thread on here ... learn persian ... or something .. pushto and persian are similar languages .... and i think i could learn persian easily
  14. Suhail

    Rate the avatar above you!

    hmmmm on a 1-10 scale .. i ll give that a 7-8 nice ... looooool ... :harhar_wft[1]:
  15. Suhail

    Hiya !!

    w.salam Sister .... hmmmmmm you are a brummy then lmao .... cool .... just a note i cant speak persian too well im sorry i only speak pushto and english properly and a little persian just a couple of words halet chetori ... hehe chekar mikoni ... :dance_baby_wft: thanks for zeee welcomes ...