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  1. I think there is no1 other than Maradona his the best.And we cant compare any1 to him even Pele.
  2. Adil

    Answer and ask the next person

    Fun and entertaining Adil is???
  3. Adil

    Answer and ask the next person

    Fun and entertaining Adil is???
  4. Adil

    Answer and ask the next person

    Hahaha No :haha: Have u ever had sex with someone who is 10years older than u???
  5. Adil

    Wich movie made you cry?

    Shahrukh Khans Devdas and Brave heart
  6. Adil

    Answer and ask the next person

    No i dont no any Turkish singer Any Spanish fav singer ?
  7. Adil


    :birthday:Happy Birthday sweetheart
  8. Adil

    Emoticons reflect our mood

    :boredom_wft::boredom_wft::boredom_wft: Hi everyone
  9. Adil

    Answer and ask the next person

    I dont like doing it in the public........When was your last time :haha:??? Miss you bro....i know u miss me 2 hehe.
  10. Adil

    Living Outside Iran

    My whole family was born in Dubai including me . And i have been to Iran twice but honestly i dont wanna go anymore just coz of the people they are very rude and they dont respect a person thats what i experienced there. But still i love Iran
  11. Ali Karimi got kicked out from the national team because he said the truth. Ali Karimi Ejected From Iran Camp 2004 Asian Player of the Year Ali Karimi has been kicked out of Iran’s training camp, after criticising the Iranian Football Federation (IFF) in a recent interview. Ali Karimi who had travelled to Ardebil for a training camp with Iran national football team ahead of June's series of 2010 World Cup qualifiers, left the camp on Tuesday morning and returned to Tehran after he was suspended by the IFF pending further investigations to comments made by him in a recent interview. The former Bayern Munich star criticised the federation saying:“These things (mismanagement, and lack of a clear plan) have become something normal in our football. In the 10 years that I have been part of the national team, things have never been so bad. I hope these problems are solved soon, but the officials need to know that they can not solve these problems by just talking.” Karimi is one of the biggest names in Iranian football and the decision to suspend him is controversial. Iran take on UAE in the next 2010 World Cup qualifier on June 2 in Tehran.
  12. Adil

    New Persian R&B singer

    I didnt hear a word in farsi
  13. Adil

    Eid Mubarak guys

    Eid Mubarak Happy Eid
  14. Adil

    Go Random

    Fck every night when there is a Persian concert i have night duty today i missed Afshins concert
  15. Adil

    Eid Mubarak guys

    Your right whatever u said did i request for the porn movie hehe I just wanted to wish every1 like we do for new year and Christmas and i honestly celebrate almost everything in every religion just for enjoyment i dont no thats good or bad Thx for calling me nice
  16. Adil

    Eid Mubarak guys

    The only things which are not allowed in Islam and i do is drinking,clubing and ofc sex But i dont hide and do this things i just hide from my parents for respect but sex and clubing they know just drinking
  17. Adil


    I saw her video she is good but not that much as much as Kim Kardashian she is amazing
  18. Adil

    Eid Mubarak guys

    Thats because u ppl live in America and Europe but we have to celebrate it here in UAE and Iran. The bad thing i used to hide and eat almost everyday in Ramadan haha
  19. Adil

    Can You Understand Persian?

    i can speak Bandari very nice thats what we speak at home :p Farsi i can understand very good but i cant speak much
  20. Adil

    Answer and ask the next person

    A.I think its Maryam Hyderzadeh Q. Did u ever like a girl who is lesbian?And u knew she is?
  21. I would be Captain planet loved watching it when i was around 12
  22. Adil


    Who is she? and is she very famouse?