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  1. pimp-of-persia

    Sleeping Aides...

    make sure u have moved yourself that day, like motion stuff, that always make me tired.
  2. pimp-of-persia

    So. Do you think there will be war?

    Absolutely not. 1) A Democrat dominated Congress will not give Bush the mandate to take the lead to war in Iran. I won't go into the political in's and out's of how Congress controls the executive but it has the power of the purse and sword which prove very significant. 2) Additionally, Bush is going to get kicked out very soon LOL and won't have the time to wage another war. 3) Even if he did have the time and backing of Congress, the situation in Iraq has increased public discontent and Americans will not have it. And 3 politically unstable countries in the Mid East doesn't sound like a good idea neither to me, nor Bush himself LOL. 4) Have you forgotten that we're talking about Iran here- the Mullahs who are thirsty to be martyred LOLLL... In conclusion, I want to assure you that Iran will not be attacked in the remaining year and a half of Bush in office. i think there will be millitary action done dispite all of this hehe are u Qajar 2?
  3. pimp-of-persia

    Horniest Member

    haha nice, pourya isen't that picture froma music shop in la?
  4. pimp-of-persia

    Please sign this petition against the movie "300"

    omg that movie was so stupid, i wish, i would had gone and seen mr. bean's holiday!!! I mean, persians, black, with piercings in the face, babarians, riding on Rhinos???? WTF?! lol. that is just stupid!
  5. pimp-of-persia

    What is a good name for an Iranian Comic book?

    Persepolis isen't that a good name ?
  6. pimp-of-persia

    So. Do you think there will be war?

    oh my god that would be awesome if there would be a new revolution, then i would go to Iran as soon as possible. I have never been there, because my family got troubles with the government, (we are bahai's), my grandmother tried to go down there twice, then she got tortured, and we payed like 5000$ both times.
  7. pimp-of-persia

    Funniest jokes you've heard?

    okay, i dont know how to write this in persian, so here in english : A man calls his wife and says, "Hi honey, i just won 65 million $ in the lottery, so pack your things" the wife- "oh my god, what should i pack, summer or winter cloth?" man- "i dont care just be out of the house by the time i get home" :clap2:
  8. pimp-of-persia

    Shah Reza Pahlavi

    very nice said yekkasi!!
  9. pimp-of-persia


    this one is like ftah ail shah qajar (158 wives 260 children) or borat wow wow we wow haha lol, im in family with the Qajar's, no bullshit, its pretty cool huh?
  10. Do you think uk/us/israel will attack Iran?. Ireally dont hope them to do that, cause if they do and win. It will probarly end up like Iraq with bombs everyday, not because i support the government in Iran but i would rather have our people killing americans than each other, what about you?. I think that it will soon happen, you know look on this hostage crisis and all that nuclear thing. The best thing Iran could do is probarly to glue those hostages on the nuclear plants as human shields? hehe. Im kidding, what do you think?, and when do you think it will happen?
  11. pimp-of-persia

    Hello everybody!

    Hi!, im new in this place just wanted to say hello to everybody, and hope to have a great time here :dance_baby_wft: