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  1. MazzyStar

    I'm Bored

    Whenever I'm bored you can usually find me on aliraqi.com ... or just cruisin the net.
  2. MazzyStar

    Greeting's from Ireland

    :p Hello there and welcome.
  3. MazzyStar

    clothing in iran

    A bit off topic but I really really hope Iraq doesnt turn out like Iran!! Please let a democratic government prevail. I don't think I would like to visit if it turns out like IRan.
  4. MazzyStar

    clothing in iran

    I would imagine it's so strict because of the Islamic Government. They don't want to see scantily clad women walking around, that might entice the men to sin, god forbid. lol. If you're not leaving anytime soon, you should read this book about a woman and her friend pretending to be married, honeymooning in Iran. It's called Honeymoon in Purdah An Iranian Journey by Alison Wearing. Very good book.
  5. MazzyStar

    I love...

    Hmmmm, I see you're a dirty married mama! Just kidding mama! After a while you'll get used to me and my lovely posts! ;) Cuz I am the King! BTW, Liked your point of views over Iraq issue, say hello to your papa! ;) :p You're funny! LOL. Sure will. How do you say hello in Iranian? Is it Salam as well?
  6. MazzyStar

    I love...

    Well, my opinion is about the same as my husbands. We are both happy that Saddam is gone, sad that so many lives were lost. I don't like war, but it didn't look like the Iraqi people were going to remove Saddam themselves so something had to be done. Even though Bush did not make a good enough case, WMD?, Most of the IRaqis here are happy to see Saddam in jail. My husband can finally go home, and see his family. He hasn't seen them in over 13 years, so I'm sure it will be wonderful when he does. I will say this though, Bremer did a shitty job after the war. Alot of mistakes were made, just a shitty ass job of planning after the war. Pardon my french. God willing IRaq will be free of these abhorrent so called "freedom fighters" wreaking havoc on the people. Hopefully there will be enough stability for US troops to leave, so that IRaqis can take charge of their own country.
  7. MazzyStar


    Yes, you're dead on. Hubby is Iraqi. Ya I really hope the US can kick Germany's butt after the disappointment that was the World Cup. Please, stomp em to the ground :p .... It would be good for Iraq if they at least made to the Semi's. Is Lebanon in the Olympics?
  8. MazzyStar

    I love...

    So your husband is Iraqi & you're American, right??? ;) I love romance! Yep yep! Isnt love grand? It defies race, age, culture etc etc. Ya I have a daughter, quite the handful, lol. And another one on the way. Only 3 more months left. Woohooo..
  9. MazzyStar

    Albums You Recommend:

    Everyone check out Mazzy Star.. She has a beautiful voice and amazing music. Mazzy
  10. MazzyStar


    Anything by MazzyStar.....or Sarah McLachlan.....
  11. MazzyStar

    I love...

    I love..hmm....My hubby Yacoub, my daughter Khadija, my other daughter yet to be named :p Movies, Music, and Sports!!!
  12. MazzyStar


    Hey all. I'm personally very anxious for the olympics. Can't wait to see the Mens and Womens soccer matches. I'm rooting for the US Womens team, and the Iraqi Mens team. I highly doubt Iraq will get that far but who knows. Hubby is Iraqi so gotsta root for my loves home. Anyone else gonna watch?
  13. MazzyStar

    movie review

    Watched I, Robot today and I must say I enjoyed it. Gonna watch Saved! next.
  14. MazzyStar


    Wussup armani!! REpresentin' the ATL!!! Phoenix here, so I'm really far away.
  15. MazzyStar


    LOL :p