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    New Flag

    No thanks, enough with religious symbols in our flag. Shir o Khorshid is the way to go.
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    This was Iran!

    Very beautiful!
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    Iran before and after 1979

    no problem it's truly a great video the author just updated the description saying that maybe he will make a second version with new information/facts
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    Iran before and after 1979

    i liked it maybe you will too spare me all the hate comments i didnt make the video and i couldnt care less lol. just thought maybe someone would be interested to see it
  5. Why did it get deleted or moved, if so where? Thanks.
  6. Democratically elected, lol, what a joke. The Shah was running Iran perfectly, as he often said himself, "I forgive those who try to hurt me, but I don't forgive those who try and hurt my country", and I agree to him to the fullest. He did whatever he could to be able make Iran as good as possible and yet you go on here talking against him. Tell me, who did more for Iran? Huh? Today's government or the Shah's government? Why was Iran at that time much better than most countries? Why did Iran at that time have a very strong military? Why was Iran recognized all over the world at that time? Why was it's currency exchangeable at other countries, today, it isn't. About the cancer 'theory': Mr. Siavash Bashiri, a great man, may he rest in peace, started a research for around 20 years ago, together with a small group of people. Their goal was to find a answer to the important question if our Shah was killed or not. Dr. George Flandern wrote in a letter to his professor, Dr. Jean Bernard: “I must do something for this man, (the late Shah) who is under attack from everywhere. My moral distinction allows me not to tramp on my oath about professional secrecy, but if I do that, it means to verify the lies and the rumours.†After some searching I found a nice site you can read. First of all, when wanting to respond me, please use quotes so it will all be easier. 1] Indeed he was a great leader. We have to thank him, and his father for making our country great. 2] Mossadegh was worse than everyone else. He brought the "Hajib rule" back into the country, forcing women and girls to wear "Hajib" 8 February 1953. He destroyed and removed (or whatever, not sure about the English word) the "Majles" after they started disagreeing with him. He didn't want the good of the people. 3) Mossadeqh was directly chosen by the Shah. He was a dictator. 4) Dr Mozaaffar Baghaei was a man who worked hand by hand with Mossadeqh, he was the one that started the "group" and everything with him. The 25th November, 1949, he criticized Mossadeqh openly in the parliament and turned his back to him. 5) Mossadeqh wanted to close the parliament. 6) The economy of the country totally messed up because he decided to be an ego and print new currencies with his face on it. 7) The 13th august, 1953, the Shah started noticing such a dictator he had become, and that he was "getting to the terrorist groups side". He started seeing all the bad things he did and etc. The Shah, decided to get rid of Mossadeq, democratically, "using" the Iranian constitution 46th paragraph. However Mossadeqh didn't want to "get off the power" and did whatever he could to say in power. Mossadeqh even jailed the "officer" who came to arrest Mossadeqh after getting direct orders from the Shah, democratic you say? You can even see the document by BBC (The last Shah) that proves that the Ajax operation failed completely, even if you keep believing "No it happend", it failed, it never worked, it weren't successful. If you want to talk about Mossadeq, make a new thread. I got so much to say. 8) Operation Ajax was a lie by USA and other countries to get people to hate the Shah. 9) I should of said it better, they didn't directly give him cancer, however while in a "attempt" to do a surgery, they cut something which created cancer, or something similar. I gave you a link above, go read it. 10) No one is perfect, so don't even start talking about all the bad stuff Shah did. 11) Err, what I said just basically explains everything. The people was feed, they had a good life, but decided to go against The Great Shah. 12) Iran did loan the UK and Sweden money. I am not sure about the amount at this very moment, however, the money for UK was because of something with their water to do, I am not sure about Sweden, however, since you want proof. Go find archives of newspapers and you will find, or do some google searching. I will see if I can find anything online for you. The Shah made the oil price higher to be able to make Iran stronger, and it's people feeling better and having a better life. 13) No, you can't even type properly, let alone running a country. You don't know how hard it is, I am sure you can't even run a group of people, doing a project or whatever. You don't know how hard it is. Also, Shah didn't want a blood bath, get your facts right, he left Iran because of people like you, he didn't want you to die, or get hurt. He could easily put the army against you people, or the SAVAK, or whatever, but no, he didn't, he liked every one of us. The Shah turned his back to the west and east, they tried to blackmail him and everything, but he stood up against them. Iran was stable at the Shah's time. It was one of the best countries, the strongest countries on the planet. Again, get your facts right and stop listening to the propaganda by the Islamic government in Iran. Where is your proof at 40% of the Irans population were below the povery line? Do you know how much the currency of Iran is worth today? not much, too little. Iran's currency was great at Shah's time, it was worth a lot and a lot of countries had it in their banks, exchanges whatever, do you see them here now? Nope. 14) I read something somewhere that a lot of people today, over 50%, a lot more, poverty. The GOVERNMENT itself said it. And that the same amount or so takes drugs etc. I will see if I can find it for you as well. You should think a little. Err dude if you are not able to rule a country than you are stupid to put yourself in that position of power! Lol. He could rule the country, he did his best. Who would take the position, you? Haha. What a joke, he was a great man. He couldn't help him some countries started hating Iran and the way he ruled it. He can't help it how he tried to make Iran perfect, but some leaders didn't like it. Get your facts right again mate. Yes, you. If you can't hold the discussion in a civilized manner let me know, cuz I can help you! Folks! Most Iranian forums will not allow politics discussion, here you're allowed to freely talk politics, however should anyone take this priviledge for granted, and resort to profanity or insulting others, I can assure you that it won't be tolerated! Yekkasi! You got your first warning! I am sorry however, doesn't it count whenever I get told to like "read up history" or whatever? It's fine though. Enjoy.
  7. He was a great leader. Says who? He did not go against the consitution, come up with good points and I will gladly answer you. Some people, there are reports and researches that the cancer was given to the Shah during a "surgery" of his cancer, I believe or something similar. You should stop pulling crap out of your Azz. Shah was a great man who forgave people who tried to kill him and his family, but no the ones who betrayed his country. I think you should stop listening to Anti-Shah Propaganda. The Shah was very strong, therefore making the West and the East (mostly the West, they were competing about Iran) planed and funded a revolution against them using the people for their own needs. Indeed - no one is perfect, so what? They hate them, however there is a saying.. "Only when they are feed, they revolt, but if they are hungry, they stay silent" Do you understand? That's translated from a Persian saying, I believe. Here is another 'story' not sure if it's true or not but it has a lot of truth in it. Shah was feeding his fishes in his castle or something, then Farah comes and tells him "I think the fishes are feed now, they have had enough food - leave them now.." then Shah responds "No, if they were feed enough they would revolt against me" Once again, you talk without knowing anything. At around the Shahs time Iran was so great that other countries such as Sweden and UK got money from Iran (or the Shah) when they needed it, because Iran had such a great economy, such great country and such great 'system'. The White Revolution helped Iran even more, more rights to people and such, Iran was even better by most current European nations, therefore they were getting angry at the Shah, and decided to backstab him. Besides, you talk too much bull. "He wasn't strong enough" - Why won't you try and rule a damn country when the West and the East at the same time were trying to overthrow you, the people were being brain watched by the West and such. Ruling a small group will be hard as Funk, depending on what group, situation etc - let alone a damn country. The Shah was strong enough to be able to have a stable and good country, it's not his fault that West (UK, USA, French etc.) planed and funded a revolution using people as their 'tool' against the shah. Iran, a country which fault was success.
  8. yekkasi

    Is it true Persian invented modern chess?

    I believe it's true - didn't we like invent backgammon as well? atleast a variant of it.
  9. yekkasi


    Shoot movie. I bet the government also funded them to make this movie, to make the Iranians look bad therefore making it easier to get people on their side when attacking Iran probably.
  10. that was new! It's possible, some say it because the type of cancer the Shah got could be "given".
  11. I think Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi, was a great man who did whatever he could so that Iran and it's citizens could have a perfect life. However the west didn't like him and decided to start a propaganda against him, the people got fooled and did a revolution against him. West used the people as a tool against him. His father was good, so was his son. his father was much better them him. the shah did not know which fight he should pick, as the same time he said isral is oor friend he was helping shia muslims specially in lebanon and helped egypt in 6 days war. as the same time usa back him he was switching side and wanted be closer ro sovjet union. he did a mistake and that was that he did not listen to his people he listen more to savak. his father was a strong leader and now we have nim pahlavi in LA he is the weakest men i have heard about. if he got the power he would gave iran to israel and usa He didn't do a mistake. Listen to the people, that's funny as if the people have any kind of information about this war, SAVAK had more information because it's a intelligence agency genius. Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi was a great man, however his Son Reza Pahlavi .. I hate him. He doesn't stand up and fight for his country, probably bought by the USA. He did whatever he could to make Iran perfect. He made the oil price higher and didn't want to give it too cheap to the other people so that it's citizens could have a good life. People say Shah was a dictator, how come if he was a dictator the mullah's managed to get so much power? The mullahs didn't help him overthrow Mossadegh, it was the Iranian people. Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi got cancer by the west to die, and the west started a coup against the Shah because Iran was getting too powerful. The Shah didn't give Iran to the mullahs. He tried it's best, however the people saw him as a devil and became fooled by listening to Khomeini's speech about free water, free electricity etc. To avoid a bloodbath he left Iran and decided to let the people have their way. Mossadeqh was a betrayer. He didn't love his country and wanted to abuse everything.