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  1. Hi everyone. I'm hosting a big party for Norooz and I need a big list of very upbeat, danceable gher kamari Persian songs. The kind of songs that will make the girls wanna gher all night! Any suggestions would be appreciated. There are many songs that are pretty ghery, but they are too slow or too old. I want exciting stuff that will keep the energy up! So suggest away please!


    For example, this song is pretty upbeat and definitely danceable:


  2. hehe, well Hamid Askari's is in the writing so that one is coming up, more I can't really say since I'm buried in projects. Hopefully during summer I have more time and by then more albums will see the light of day as well.


    Pourya jaan, this is completely off topic, but why you ever shaved your head is beyond me... You have awesome hair man.

  3. the singer is saaed asayesh and the song's name is naazi

    he is in iran



    Thanks. I found it on bia2's mp3 section. He has another song called "Mohreye Mar". It's just as awesome as naazi naazi. :clap2:


    i know i love it!

    have you hear tala by him?

    by the way, i am sara :friends:


    No, I would love to listen to it though!


    I am Arash. :drinks: