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  1. Albate ke shomaro yademoone khahar. Noon begiram?

  2. You ARE all talk...

  3. You are trying to seduce me... I just wanna be friends...

  4. lol... I left a message for you on my own page... Didn't even realize... How are you my dear?

  5. It's very kind of you.

  6. Thank you. It was fun talking to you. Ba zam sar bezan. In dafe yadet bashe salam koni. ;)

  7. I know you think you're being sarcastic, but all of that is actually true.

  8. Weak comeback... really.

  9. You fancy you could have me?

  10. Age jeddi gofteh boodam chikar mikardi? Profilam ro atish mizadi?

  11. I was having a laugh. Didn't mean to get you riled up. :)

  12. Baleh. I saw that you had visited my profile but didn't say hi. I thought it was very rude and I'm deeply offended.