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  1. Arash7

    what are you listening to

    I don't know... Are you? Nah... I'm interested to know why though... Unless you are not an Iranian... I can't recall ever seeing an Iranian female wearing roosari outside of Iran... Even our most religous relatives took them off as soon as they passed the borders... :haha:
  2. Arash7

    what are you listening to

    i love that song, and i love the gold dress she wears in that video! and her hair!!! akkkkh :air_kiss_wft: Hey lolita, do you really wear a roosari?
  3. Arash7

    what are you listening to

    Babak Jahanbakhsh, Chi shod >>> Just a great great voice this guy has and the music is very good too. I don't have an album cover though. Anyone know anymore songs from him or where I can buy his albums if any? Pourya?
  4. Arash7

    False identities?

    Actually, as far as I know, having a unique Persian name has helped many artists become even more famous and popular in the west. Almost everyone in the west adores Arash himself(the singer) and the name...
  5. Arash7

    False identities?

    Exactly. :kn Add to that list Maz(iar) Jobrani. I can't agree with you Broken Smile on what you said about being afraid of being an Iranian. It's a terrible misfortune that our name has been associated with terrorists or any other stereo type... And we are the ones who can help change that by doing great things and staying true to who we are. Not running away from it by fabricating new identities for ourselves fearing we might lose something...
  6. Arash7

    Hi everyone

    Thanks guys.
  7. Arash7

    Hi everyone

    My name is Arash. Where I live, I don't have many Persian people around and sometimes you just want to talk about Chelo Kabab, not the Super Bowl... Anyways, It's cool to be here. You have any questions, let me know. :t < This smilie is my new favorite thing by the way...
  8. Arash7

    lyric mood

    Anyone has the lyrics to X Elementz English songs? Their accent makes it a little hard to understand at times...
  9. Arash7

    Jamshid - Aashti video

    I just watched the video and the whole time I'm thinking... This guy's voice range makes me wanna punch the monitor... What a waste of time.
  10. Arash7

    Hi everyone

    Sikhy chand haji? :drool_wft:
  11. Arash7

    Music Review

    Mansour's new album. It's first 4-5 songs are just plain great.
  12. Arash7

    Have u been in luv?

    My opinion on Love is a different one. But I welcome your comments. To me, "Ashegh shodan" is for people with low self-esteem. The kind of people who need an opposite sex to fill the void they feel inside. They need to be loved, otherwise they have nothing. They cling on another being in an attepmt to fix something in themselves that is their own problem that exist in them in the first place. Maybe family problem as a kid, or never really growing up to be a mature being... But this doesn't mean I don't believe in true love... But that's rare... And it never happens in an instant. But there is a spark and after that it's a journey for two people who have found what they are looking for in eachother and live life to the fullest. They go all the way... and this really doesn't involve writing romantic poems to eachother and telling eachother that they are nothing without one another...
  13. Arash7

    Hi everyone

    Your picture reminds me of my relatives who used to send us their pictures from "kharej" back when I was still in Iran... They always look like they just took their "roosari" off and are so happy to finally be free... :harhar_wft[1]:
  14. Arash7

    Hi everyone

    I live in Minnesota for now. It's the coldest state in the States. Thanks for the welcome.
  15. Arash7

    Interview: Pourya on PEJVAK

    Congrats Pourya. Do you have any news about Kiosk? "Adame Mamooli" was a refreshing album.