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    errrr well i lov music and i mean all music rock rap and persian music 2 i also like history alot and most the qajar dinasty in iran i real like sports like swimming and long distence running i find engnering very intresting and am amazed when i see some thing and i don't no how it works but don't sit there and wonder i soon take i a part i love wrighting in farsi and all song in farsi oh and also like skiing
  1. iran

    Sexual sadism

    LOL i left myself wide open, no i wouldent
  2. iran

    Sexual sadism

    i'll never have a girl friend or wife ever!!!
  3. iran

    Sexual sadism

    yeh sounds like it LOL
  4. proud to see we can still achieve with the sanctions and all
  5. i love playing with girls hair :p :diablo: dont u like girls hair? seriously i'm a sucker 4 a girl with nice hair
  6. i love playing with girls hair :p
  7. iran

    Men Vs. Women!!!

    i find theres very little individuality with women but when u do find a girl who is an individualist she cool as hell however u do find more individual guys
  8. iran

    Shirin Ebadi

    i don't like shirin ebadi shes an apologist and makes no reference to irans feminist history
  9. iran

    Iranian Gay Party

    C'mon IR, you even found them so appealing that thought of them as women! i'll come out when i'm good and ready
  10. dont u mean united "nations"?
  11. iran

    Iranian Gay Party

    i'm so glad i didnt watch the whole thing in that case :p
  12. iran

    Words Association Game