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  1. zam

    Go Random

    Dude!!!! your a Jedi Pimp. I don't discriminate, all shades of Azz I regulate.
  2. zam

    Farsi word association thread

    mive chini :boredom_wft:
  3. lets see here. . . the last time i got my freak on. . . yup! its been that long. hahaha jokes
  4. zam


    ouch! 1 week is too long, I love working out it makes me feel great. I confess that I think of my ex-g/f when working out because of the hardships we've been through. The sadness enrages my body full of energy.
  5. zam

    I dislike...

    I hate it when ppl goto clubs acting pretentious by acting hardcore not smiling, frowning and even crossing their arms. Why bother ruining it for the rest of us? stay home.
  6. zam


    Sweet! Im really glad they can continue to play. Let hope they qualify for Africa 2010.
  7. Everyone has knowledgable opinions on this discussion. Although towards the end some discrimination towards cultures and groups were involved. Lets not get into that. The USA and Israel might have similar intentions however, you mustn't underestimate the USA they have military strategies for years to come. The fact that Iraq and Afghanistan are pro-usa because of the military presense makes these two countires an assett to USA, geographically these countires hold Iran in a sandwich making their positioning of great advantage. The USA is a puppet master, they already have too much attention towards themselves, would you consider that the US is behind Israels verbal attack?
  8. zam

    Wsup from Canada

    Hey all, I am a 22 yr old Afghan Canadian. I speak farsi and english, and I love Irani music. I use to listen to all types of music, but now my iPod is PURE PERSIAN lol... it all started when i broke up with my girlfriend I turned to the tunes for comfort. Don't be shy, say hello! Later