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    The Many Arguments that Jesus was...

    Three Arguments That Jesus Was Irish: - He Never Got Married - He Never Held A Steady Job - His Last Request Was A Drink Three Arguments That Jesus Was Puerto Rican: - His First Name Was Jesus - He Was Always In Trouble With The Law - His Mother Didn't Know Who His Father Was Three Arguments That Jesus Was Italian: - He Talked With His Hands - He Had Wine With Every Meal - He Worked In The Building Trades Three Arguments That Jesus Was Black: - He Called Everybody Brother - He Had No Permanent Address - Nobody Would Hire Him Three Arguments That Jesus Was Californian: - He Never Cut His Hair - He Walked Around Barefoot - He Invented A New Religion And Finally, The Proof That Jesus Was Iranian: - He Went Into His Father's Business - He Lived At Home Until The Age Of 33 - He Was Sure His Mother Was A Virgin, - And His Mother Was Sure He Was God
  2. I am exclusively posting this just for Pourya! lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2K4lVeWhP1s enjoy it people!
  3. I just loved it. What o you guys think? 1. 2. YOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  4. You know what breaking up with a persian girl is like? It's like nothing at all. It's a fairly nonexistant act. You can't break up with one. Reason being... you will still see her everywhere you go. It's really a disgusting matter. You know it's true, you've probably already done it once (doing it twice is nearly impossibly). She wont ever really stop calling you...she definately wont stop texting you. And you will hear about her from your friends and family for sure: Your mom: "Ohh did you hear about Azita? She ez graduating dis semester vit her bachelors. She's going to dental eschool. Vy did you break up vit her again? Badjens." Your homeboy: "Damn i saw this girl in the mall and i swear it looked just like that Azita girl you used to roll with. She was fine as hell and i was like 'wooooah snap!' turns out bro.....it was Azita." I've been there though so dont worry. It may be a while, but you'll see her at a party or a hookah bar or some persian club dancing with some fob guy (probably named something like Hooshang). She'll be all over Hooshang dancing like a crazed lunatic trying to get your attention, doing moves she learned from an And 1 mixtape on the dance floor. Her arms will be flailing threw the air and Hooshang will be like "Dats Riiight! Get Jiggy wit it!! Vil Smits!!!" It is going to be nuts son...trust me. Eventually, she'll walk by you and brush you off to appear that she's better than you; when in reality she smells like cheap fobby Bijan cologne (courtesy of Hooshang). Her friends will probably look at you and give you the "dirty stank eye." You know exactly which eye i'm talking about too. It's the one that your mom gives you the first time she goes through your phone and sees a text message saying "last night was sooooo much fun babe! you're amazing! tornado tounge! tornado tounge! yaaay!" And when/if all of this happens you will think to yourself one thing and one thing only: "Yea...she's still kinda fine...but DAMN i love me an asian women!" Guys, the above article was NOT written by me (Persian Prince). Just posted...maybe you'd like to go through it.
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    Dear Members in Iran

    yea nice.... Im good...Im going too...I'll tell you later when, so Tehran? Shiraz? Esfahan? I'll talk to you later...
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    Dear Members in Iran

    key miri iran?
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    Dear Members in Iran

  8. aaghaa khersee

    I just want you check this out!!

    Hello my friends, It wont take much of your time, just 2 or 3 lines; write what you deeply feel from your heart: http://www.iranian.com/Clips/2007/July/child.html
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    Hafiz Fans?

    Are you interested in hafiz poetry? Faale hafiz online migirid? Do you like them? Would you be willing to post them for people like me who are obsessed with Hafiz's poetry? It is truly appreciated. I will start ahead. In ye sherie ke chand shabe pish gereftam: Farsi: بیا تا گـل برافـشانیم و می در ساغر اندازیم فـلـک را سقـف بـشـکافیم و طرحی نو دراندازیم اگر غـم لـشـکر انـگیزد کـه خون عاشـقان ریزد مـن و ساقی بـه هـم تازیم و بـنیادش براندازیم شراب ارغوانی را گـلاب اندر قدح ریزیم نـسیم عـطرگردان را شـکر در مـجـمر اندازیم چو در دست است رودی خوش بزن مطرب سرودی خوش کـه دسـت افشان غزل خوانیم و پاکوبان سر اندازیم صـبا خاک وجود ما بدان عالی جـناب انداز بود کان شاه خوبان را نـظر بر مـنـظر اندازیم یکی از عـقـل می‌لافد یکی طامات می‌بافد بیا کاین داوری‌ها را بـه پیش داور اندازیم بـهـشـت عدن اگر خواهی بیا با ما بـه میخانـه کـه از پای خـمـت روزی بـه حوض کوثر اندازیم سـخـندانی و خوشـخوانی نـمی‌ورزند در شیراز بیا حافـظ کـه تا خود را بـه مـلـکی دیگر اندازی English: Rose petals let us scatter And fill the cup with red wine The firmaments let us shatter And come with a new design If sorrow's soldiers incite To shed lovers' blood tonight With beloved I will unite And his foundations malign Pour the red wine with control Like rose-water into the bowl While fragrant breeze will roll And sweet incense refine With a harp on display We ask the players to play While clapping we sing and say And dancing, our heads decline Blow our dust O gentle breeze And throw at the Master's knees The Good King has the keys While we glance at the sign One boasts & brags with his mind One weaves talks of idle kind All the judgment that we find Let the Judge weigh and define If Eden is what you need To the tavern let us speed The jug of wine let us heed And Paradise will be thine Merry songs and fair speech In Shiraz they do not teach Another land let us reach Hafiz, and then we shine If you guys are looking for a hafiz website source, all you have to do is just messaging me. (I'm not sure if I legally can post those websites). I hope you guys are interested in this.
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    Hafiz Fans?

    behet ke goftam..kheiliam khobeeee Princess. Boro begir bekhab, farda soph baiad pashi berim work. lol I'll talk to you later Princess. Have a good one.
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    dirty sex horoscope =p

    This thing freaked me out people: ARIES: The Liar Outgoing. Lovable. Spontanious. Not one to #### with. Erotic. Funny. Take you on trips to the moon in bed. Excellent kisser EXTREMELY sexy. Loves being in long relationships.=) Addictive. Loud. best in bed. What am I gonna do now guys?? lol
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    Go Random

    age toam on kario ke man on shab ke on posto post karde bodam karde bodi zendegi barat ghashange ke hichi asemoni mishod! I was flying that night man! lol
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    Happy Birthday Mahnan!

    :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: Maybe a bit late dude...but HAPPT BIRTH DAY!!!
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    Words Association Game

  15. aaghaa khersee

    Farsi word association thread

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    WHO"S BETTER game!

    couldn't you come up a easier game bro? lol
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    Omid Jalili -- One more fantastic work!!!

    He's definitely one of the two best Iranian comedians in the world. Even though he always says, he is the only one! Three more than Germany!! I really like Maz Jobrani! he is just hilarious.
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    Hafiz Fans?

    ok people, This one has been exclusively posted for Princess RamRam, under her direct order of course. دوش وقـت سحر از غصه نجاتـم دادند واندر آن ظلمت شـب آب حیاتـم دادند بیخود از شعشـعـه پرتو ذاتـم کردند باده از جام تـجـلی صـفاتـم دادند چه مبارک سحری بود و چه فرخنده شبی آن شـب قدر که این تازه براتـم دادند بـعد از این روی من و آینه وصف جـمال کـه در آن جا خبر از جلوه ذاتـم دادند من اگر کامروا گشتم و خوشدل چه عجب مستـحـق بودم و این‌ها به زکاتم دادند هاتـف آن روز به من مژده این دولت داد کـه بدان جور و جفا صبر و ثباتـم دادند این همه شهد و شکر کز سخنم می‌ریزد اجر صبریسـت کز آن شاخ نباتـم دادند همـت حافـظ و انفاس سحرخیزان بود کـه ز بـند غـم ایام نـجاتـم دادن
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    Come on! You scared the hell out of me! I saw the post in the main and I was like Oo Jesus, the person is about to commit suicide! I almost dialed the 911! Im not an export on these kinda stuff. Contact Pourya, if hes got some time, he'll be kind enough to help you somehow. Cya
  20. I just can say that is sad; however, this world is full of sadnesses and cruelness.
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    Words Association Game

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    Men Vs. Women!!!

    That was an statement over there people!
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    Emoticons reflect our mood

    :bl ) :p haha! Im collection of all sort of different emotions.