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    I'm still lost.
  1. aaghaa khersee

    Dear Members in Iran

    yea nice.... Im good...Im going too...I'll tell you later when, so Tehran? Shiraz? Esfahan? I'll talk to you later...
  2. aaghaa khersee

    Dear Members in Iran

    key miri iran?
  3. aaghaa khersee

    Dear Members in Iran

  4. aaghaa khersee

    Hafiz Fans?

    behet ke goftam..kheiliam khobeeee Princess. Boro begir bekhab, farda soph baiad pashi berim work. lol I'll talk to you later Princess. Have a good one.
  5. aaghaa khersee

    dirty sex horoscope =p

    This thing freaked me out people: ARIES: The Liar Outgoing. Lovable. Spontanious. Not one to #### with. Erotic. Funny. Take you on trips to the moon in bed. Excellent kisser EXTREMELY sexy. Loves being in long relationships.=) Addictive. Loud. best in bed. What am I gonna do now guys?? lol
  6. aaghaa khersee

    Go Random

    age toam on kario ke man on shab ke on posto post karde bodam karde bodi zendegi barat ghashange ke hichi asemoni mishod! I was flying that night man! lol
  7. aaghaa khersee

    Happy Birthday Mahnan!

    :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: Maybe a bit late dude...but HAPPT BIRTH DAY!!!
  8. aaghaa khersee

    Words Association Game

  9. aaghaa khersee

    Farsi word association thread

  10. aaghaa khersee

    WHO"S BETTER game!

    couldn't you come up a easier game bro? lol
  11. aaghaa khersee

    Omid Jalili -- One more fantastic work!!!

    He's definitely one of the two best Iranian comedians in the world. Even though he always says, he is the only one! Three more than Germany!! I really like Maz Jobrani! he is just hilarious.
  12. aaghaa khersee

    Hafiz Fans?

    ok people, This one has been exclusively posted for Princess RamRam, under her direct order of course. دوش وقـت سحر از غصه نجاتـم دادند واندر آن ظلمت شـب آب حیاتـم دادند بیخود از شعشـعـه پرتو ذاتـم کردند باده از جام تـجـلی صـفاتـم دادند چه مبارک سحری بود و چه فرخنده شبی آن شـب قدر که این تازه براتـم دادند بـعد از این روی من و آینه وصف جـمال کـه در آن جا خبر از جلوه ذاتـم دادند من اگر کامروا گشتم و خوشدل چه عجب مستـحـق بودم و این‌ها به زکاتم دادند هاتـف آن روز به من مژده این دولت داد کـه بدان جور و جفا صبر و ثباتـم دادند این همه شهد و شکر کز سخنم می‌ریزد اجر صبریسـت کز آن شاخ نباتـم دادند همـت حافـظ و انفاس سحرخیزان بود کـه ز بـند غـم ایام نـجاتـم دادن
  13. I am exclusively posting this just for Pourya! lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2K4lVeWhP1s enjoy it people!