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    Mansour's new album

    hey guys,have u had a chance to listen to Mansour's new album "ghashange" ? lol its a funny title i know i didnt find it impressive.mansour dare pasraft mikone.i mean it was good but average good!what do u think?
  2. neeloofar

    Comments on new iranian releases

    i just listened to leila's new album. nemidoonam chera vali be nazaram aslan styele leila nabood.the music n lyric n everything was good vali ouna ro bayad yeki dige mikhoond engar.i miss her early 90's music. but i dont know...it might grow on me as i listen to it more n more.now i know how some ppl felt after listening to andy's recent albums.so i hope i end up liking each n every track! i think ramin zamani's style is too "modern" for leila,and leila is one of those singers who shouldnt switch to "modern" like that. nemidoonam in album hit track dare aslan?
  3. neeloofar

    Comments on new iranian releases

    sorry i had to say these again cuz im tired of getting accused of "commenting on all female artists' videos" or "trashtalking behind all artists" or "hating female artists" cuz thats just not true. taghsire man shod ke aslan javab dadam az aval.agar javab nemidadam nemiraft dastan sare ham kone ke "u're all over youtube"...koja?where on youtube?what is she talking about?hame midonan who is all over internet to start discussion like THIS which at the end,gets like what you said, NASTY. so i appreciate if "yavashboro..." drops it and doesnt bring it up again. vali lotfan monsefane begoo ki shoroo kard aval!! who came out of nowhever and started attacking me? man aslan chize badi ham nagofte boodam az avalesh.montaha bazia darejeye tahamoleshoon paeene fory jigho vigh mikonan.be man migofti vaghti kasi raje ba andy chizi mige man tollerate konam va attack nakonamo....hala its the same situation.taze ino ke khodet ham didi ghablan email dade boode ke raje be bita harf nazanin.pas ishoon ham bayad tahamol dashte bashe va ye rooz dar mioon inja raje be bita essay nanevise va too oun essay hey gir be man nade.akhe man chikar konam ke ki too youtube ya folan site chi gofte be bita.why should I get attacked?aslan why attacking? kasi behesh nagoft ke "tone down" kone vali be nazare man age khodesh az aval tone down mikard aslan inghadr kesh nemioomad ke.
  4. neeloofar

    Comments on new iranian releases

    ok im seriously tired of these pointless discussions. PLZ BASSE DIGE!! lol faghat ye chiz migam chon nemitoonam bebinam too ye public form kasi behem intori tohmat mizane ke dare bishtar shabihe personal grudge mishe...ino migam and i wont reply to any of "yavashboro..." posts anymore FOR THE LAST TIME: man na roo youtube va na jaye dige naraftam bad begam az hameye artist haye irani.i swear i didnt.and if u believe in karma then stop accusing me bc it wont do any good to bita JAN's career. oh and just to clearify things, SARBEHAVA is NOT me and if anyone has any doubts let bia2 prove that to u.(in case ke kasi hamchin fekri karde!) hamoontor ke bazia faghat 7 ta post daran ke hamash raje be bita boode khob sarbehava ham labod oumade ke javab bede!! in topic ham baraye "comments on new iranian releases" hast, na "defending new female artists and attacking those who dont love them"!! bita's was a new artist and her album was a new release so its natural if ppl talk about her in here.so i dont understand why someone should attack others for simply saying what they think of some artist and her album. "ba tashakor az admine haye bia2 ke mizaran man ino post konam" (these seem to be some magic words,baes mishe har chi begi kasi behet na warning bede na notice kone ke chi gofti)...
  5. neeloofar

    Who is it?

    omg its funny...some of these girls are my friends!!!!!
  6. neeloofar

    Comments on new iranian releases

    that's true.i remember that mhm
  7. neeloofar

    Comments on new iranian releases

    OMG in yaroo baz oumad too labash ) baba joon,why on earth should be be jealous of BITA??!! r u kiddin me?? be jahanam ke workout mikone.che rabti be VARZESH dare.u dont even make sense.az key tahala khanande bayad varzesh kone ta khoob bashe? bita to me is slightly better than shaghayegh in singing and shaghayegh is better looking than bita.so there u go.no one is jealous.but the thing is she's trying so hard to prove that she's sexy AND that she can sing.sorry but i dont think she's been successful in either one. come on! those outfits make her look like a pornstar.and im NOT being jealous im just being honest.so stop saying that to each and everyone who says something negative about your bita joon.what is wrong with u? if you are bita then i must say u're too desperate to get famous.if u're her friend tell her ppl prefer *a madarbozorg who can sing* over *a pornstar looking confused girl who works out everyday and who cant sing* in fact i think she needs to stop working out...or go to a LADIES gym for she looks like a man to me (too muscular) however thats just my opiniong and others might find her sexy.afterall i AM a girl.so no comments on the "bita har rooz varzesh mikone va khosh heykale" part.because that could as well be your personal opinion and dont expect everyone to agree with u on that...hala age fahmiiiiid!!!! and stop acting like u're just her FAN! omg...i think u're either bita herself or someone who is in touch with her like everyday.if not,how the hell would u know that bita works out everyday??? do u go to the gym together?? or do u think ppl are THAT stupid hun? i suggest u stop making a fool of yourself and either dont come here JUST TO TALK ABOUT BITA, or watch what u're saying cuz u sound like u need serious help. i wonder how much bita pays u to go around different websites and DEFEND her in the worst possible way. darzemn.i,myself enjoy listening to older persian female singers and u calling them madarbozorg is an insult.so watch what u're saying.khodet har chi mikhay be hame migi va tavagho dari be bita joonet ke 2 rooze khanande shode kasi EHTERAM bezare.dar soorati ke ehterame kasi ro negah nemidari va fekr mikoni asemoon vaa shode o bita azash oftade paeen. badesham,tipo in chiza has little to do with a singer's LONG TERM success.if u rely on your looks then u might be in the market for like 3-4 years and then u'll be gone.look at leila,her style is not the greatest but she has contributed so much to our music and yes,i enjoy listening to her songs and even watching her videos even if she is a MADARBOZORG to u now. or some others like Hayede n Mahasti (RIP). i would love to see another young girl who dresses better than bita, someone who saves herself some dignity and class and doesnt go on every single website to promote herself. and no i wont be calling her MADARBOZORG just because she doesnt dress like ...THAT. so deal with it.ppl have different tastes when it comes to music.u might not like mamanbozorgs and love bita.vali hame mesle to nistan pas boro bita goosh kon va inghadr ham zoor nagoo.to mikhay beri too khooneye mardom bebini raje be bita age kasi harf zad begiri bokoshish?seriously,or do u wanna force ppl to listen to her songs everyday? bekhoda kheili khande daari.
  8. neeloofar

    Comments on new iranian releases

    sorry bro,but i thought it was horrible.hich chish yaade adam nemimoone.and the video was just stupid :punishing_wft: alan nima miad mano mizane :dance_baby_wft:
  9. neeloofar

    Do you eat Pork?

    ummm...just wondering, what does PORK has to do with sports/fitness???
  10. thank god i dont live in aMOrica but i guess americans have learned their lesson n hopefully wont make stupid choices this time
  11. neeloofar

    Intervention for an anorexic woman, Kim

    i tell u why so many girls are anorexic go look at the magazines...what do u see? PERFECT models...skinny ones of course go turn on the tv...what do u see? PERFECT actresses who are always on diets and let the media know how much weight they lost over the week its bc the public prefers skinny over chubby.girls are scared to fall into the 2nd catagory so they go anorexic. come on...who wants to be called FAT?? they rather be called SKINNY...skinny is hot.skinny is sexy. starve yourselves and get sexier :boredom_wft:
  12. neeloofar

    DJ NiMa's New Remix : Sunrise Redefined

  13. neeloofar

    The Next Great Iranian Actor?

    awww yeah i watched this like 2 years ago but i dont think he's a grown up now. oun yeki digast...mohammad hossein tabatabaee..hafeze ghoran.this is a different kid. but he's SO cute. bichare be jaye inke bere baazi kone dare chikar mikone CHILD ABUSE
  14. neeloofar

    Comments on new iranian releases

    THANK U, THANK U,THANK U !!!! if u think u're good why r u wasting your time n energy on making ppl change their minds about u? VELESHOON KON! but too bad u dont see the fool u're making of yourself bita joon OMG I KNOWWW!! DID U NOTICE THAT TOO? =))) its pathetic i heard the same thing from some other random ppl who happened to watch her videos on youtube.kheili khande dare and one last thing bita joon, instead of searching the forum for my posts to see what ive said about other female singers,go get a life and as sarbehava said,go take some singing lessons.oun kar bishtar fayde dare barat ta inke forum-e bia2 ro RANDEH koni u know...beri az 100 sal pish post haro bekhooni...do u even have a life honey?
  15. neeloofar

    Comments on new iranian releases

    bebin koochooloo.man goftam ahangashoono doost nadaram hanoozam migam.shaghayegh ro ham doost nadaram chon az khoesh badam miad i dont care if she's hot or not. but u need to stop making up stories.I AM NOT ALL OVER YOUTUBE POSTING DISRESPECTFUL COMMENTS. i dont know what on earth u're talking about.by ALL OVER YOUTUBE u mean bita's stuff laboddd haaan ) kheili bita ro gonde mibini shoma na? gerye nakon.its been months that i havent commented on any iranian videos on youtube.so u might have mistaken me with someone else or u're just making up stupid stories. P.S : LEAVE ME ALNOE,I DONT EVEN CARE ABOUT BITA.SHE'S NOBODY
  16. neeloofar

    Oh my god, who is this girl???

    torokhoda pesaraye irani ro bebin oftadan donbale ye random girl too video ke 10 saanie miad o mire :haha: hala berin ta 200 sal fekr konin ke taraf ki boodo chi shod.
  17. neeloofar

    Awesomely Pesian Songs: check this out!!!

    OMG i came here JUST TO ASK ABOU THAT 3RD ONE but i had no idea someone has asked the same question already!!! AJABBB!! i was gonna use the same link n everything!! i cant find out who the singer of the 3rd one is!! its like : are to rafti vali man, ba hamin cheshmaye khisam,chizi joz esme ghashanget, nemitoonam benevisam... PLE TELL US!!! the 2nd one is called "CHESHM CHESHM" by saeed mohammadi from the album CHESHM BE RAAH the 1st one i have no idea...its not an officially released song.its just for norooz u know... but PLEASEEEE i wanna know about the 3rd one DAMNNNN
  18. neeloofar

    afshin dar zendane Amrica

    hamoonjoori bood ke be khodet goftam,yeah its really interesting lol
  19. neeloofar

    Iran, Chris de Burgh to sing for peace

    hahahhaha na baba hezbollahi yani aasheghe jomhoori eslami ) could or could not include akhoonds lol
  20. neeloofar


    it is possible chon migoft kheili ba bachehaye iran too in album kar karde
  21. neeloofar

    afshin dar zendane Amrica

    and how could he possibly be in jail while he had a concert like 3 days ago in vancouver? )
  22. neeloofar

    afshin dar zendane Amrica

    hahhaha lol na DASTGIR nakardan but yeah he was saying that emsal nemire Vegas chon parsal gir dadan beheshoon and they had to pay like $4000 each to go to vancouver and then go back to Germany.
  23. neeloofar


    btw afshin goft too albume jadidesh ba mohsen yegane kar karde (age eshtebah nakonam)
  24. neeloofar


    i didnt ask vali dasht be yeki dige migoft ke early next year
  25. neeloofar

    Andy's New Album

    darzemn azash porsidam review too bia2.com ro koondi? goft valla man gharar boode ke bekhoonam vali vaght nakardam baghie khoondan va kheili tarif kardan vali oun ahange deltang ro as i said tozih dade ke hamoon hamidreza and alireza ham ouno khodeshoon nasakhtan and it's a keyboard sampler ke too hameye keyboard haye yamaha hast va hame mitoonan estefade konan. i talked to him about the videos goftam in advise ro be koji bede ke 3000 ta dokhtar narize too videohaash chon honestly kasi oun 3000 ta ro vaght nemikone negah kone vali age 2-3 ta bashe be cheshm miad ounam goft hatman be koji migam but he was laughing and was like khob to dokhtari ino migi goftam be har hal inhame fane dokhtar ham dari dige ) kheiliiiii ham gir midad be sedaa va too sound check kheili ahamiat midad ke hame chi dorost bashe i was impressed vali afshin hamash khabide bood roo sandali but he was cool too ) VIP boodan ham khieli keyf mide the guy who plays the electric guitar for andy was the funniest.he was like "did u wanna hang out after the concert" i was like sureee my dad will be coming too hahahhaha :haha: khole ) he was sooo funny hahha