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  1. Agha dastano aval bebinin chi hast.. badan discuss mikonim.. khodemoonim.. in bache iranie hamchin ghiafash be mazloome mazloomam nemikhore..


    Hala be harhal.. zadan rahe dorost nist.. Pas lotfan in dotta siah poste MESHKI METALIC ro bedin daste bande... man midonam bahashoun chikar konam..


    harchi khoda az man badesh miad man azin siaha badam miad... chian baba agge khoda siah mikhast khoub hamin hajifiroze khodemoon bas bood digge..


    Bache boodim in Agha esmesh chie Tupac'e... Pufake... chie.. bachegie maro beham rikht raft.. ahangasho goosh mikardim fekr mikardim gangsterim.. hichi yek rooz be dorooz nakeshid didim dadam way... nanamoon umad police station donbalemoon... Khodemoonim ajab kotaki khordam bande az pedare gerami...


    Hanooz dard mikone  :c



    I thought you were different dude.

  2. Welcome :)

    As you can see, my name is Farshid. I'm 23 years old, and I live in Canada.


    hahahah how sweet of ur dad, mine are all like we'll get u one thats workin, so u should be happy  :)))



    haha....soo tru..well my dad owns a car business soo yea..lol..but at first my mom was like ur limit is 3,000.....i swear i was gonna Shoot a brick.....and i have to have at least a 4.0 on my report card....sooo i do and im getting my car!!!!...hehe



    Can your dad hook me up with a deal too? :icecream:

  3. Baba shomaha ham shooresho dar miyarin bekhoda. That’s your opinion, get over it. You’re feeding accusations. I honestly didn’t expect it from YOU Behnoush. Seriously. That sort of sarcasm is unappreciated and quite a low blow to myself as well.


    Maybe he does know things you don’t know. People often know things we don’t know because of their different backgrounds and experiences!! Instead of just blatantly ignoring the things he said and just get into the ‘you’re racist’ routine without having an OUNCE of information on the type of person an individual is, is wrong. End of story. You don’t agree with what he has said, state why. Find information that contradicts him.


    Honestly! :rolleyes:



    go angel!! i totally agree.....i will respect and listen to arguments once they r backed up.....



    Hey hun :)

    As I've said before, I'm done with this thread, but this last post is just for you ;)

    If any of you want a scholastic reasoning for my earlier post, you should take a few statistics courses. One should never solely look at the numerical results of a study and then make judgement.

  4. and did you know that keano


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    And to top that off:



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