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    You know you're Persian when....

    We had a couple of threads about this, and I thought it would be fun if we make our own list. Ok I'll start: 1) You know you're Persian when most of your buddies want to become engineers! Here's another one: 2) You know you're Persian when people can't pronounce/spell your name correctly <_< Ok, give it a try and let's see how long our list gets =)
  2. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Safe Sex!

  3. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Simpsons Movie!!!

    Rumors have always circulated about a Simpson's movie, but this time there is a pretty good chance that it will happen Click the link for more info; btw you might have to click through an advertisement in order to get to the page <_< click here
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    What??? sports/fitness and no bodybuilding?? k, I'll start a new topic Let me start off by saying that there there is no better rush/feeling in the world than when your muscles are pumping full of blood! Ok, maybe there is something a little better: sex ;) Anyways, bodybuilding is my #1 passion; I wanted to know if there are others in this forum that enjoy the sport. Maybe we can share tips/experiences.
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    I didn't know where else to post this topic, so I am gonna do it here. Has anyone seen the new Ford Mustang? I think I've fallen in love http://www.vancouverautomall.com/vam/motor...ustang-2005.jpg What u guys think?? nice huh? Back to the classic look, but soooooooooooooo much better!
  6. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Iranian High schooler beaten up!

    I thought you were different dude.
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    LIVE E3 coverage from GameSpot! They're covering the whole thing pretty much 24/7!!! :DD
  8. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Answer and ask the next person

    Make enough money for an early retirement and go travel the world :DD Life is too short to be working all the time. same q
  9. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Emoticons reflect our mood

  10. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Get them across the river

    LooOoOoL, did you make it though? :DD 85105[/snapback] yes :DD I must admit, it was quite challenging though.
  11. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Emoticons reflect our mood

    lol it's my summer break dude :DD it's just a headache.
  12. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Hey Persians.

    It's too quiet here... I like the big, krazy cities :DD
  13. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Hey Persians.

    Welcome Farshid here, 23, from Vancouver :DD I might come to Toronto in a couple of years :dance: btw, Behnoushy and Leyla, don't worry... I can be your bodyguard ;)
  14. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    salaaaaam be hamegi!! :D

    Welcome As you can see, my name is Farshid. I'm 23 years old, and I live in Canada. haha....soo tru..well my dad owns a car business soo yea..lol..but at first my mom was like ur limit is 3,000.....i swear i was gonna Shoot a brick.....and i have to have at least a 4.0 on my report card....sooo i do and im getting my car!!!!...hehe 84736[/snapback] Can your dad hook me up with a deal too?
  15. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Get them across the river

    It was pretty funny :haha:
  16. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    check this dude out

    I've seen that clip somewhere before; it's pretty cool :k
  17. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    HaPpY bIrThDaY LeYlA JoOoOoOn

    areh :bl
  18. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Iranian High schooler beaten up!

    go angel!! i totally agree.....i will respect and listen to arguments once they r backed up..... 84657[/snapback] Hey hun As I've said before, I'm done with this thread, but this last post is just for you ;) If any of you want a scholastic reasoning for my earlier post, you should take a few statistics courses. One should never solely look at the numerical results of a study and then make judgement.
  19. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Words Association Game

    me :bl
  20. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    HaPpY bIrThDaY LeYlA JoOoOoOn

    It's happy birthday smiley style :drinks: ;)
  21. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Words Association Game

  22. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Âîéíà ÊÍÄÐ è Àìåðèêè!!!

    fjaljfekl jfi kefjei!!!!
  23. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Good-Bye thread

    later dude
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    ooooo check out this beauty from Chrysler! As I've said before, American automakers are catching up big time :k