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  1. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Go Random

    Hey! Hey! I haven't seen you online in a while... How have u been sweety?
  2. f_a_r_s_h_i_d


    Hmmm... I dunno who that is. Might be Dexter, 'cause I've never seen Ronnie with earings on :u:
  3. f_a_r_s_h_i_d


    Hmmm.... Prince of Persia still looks too evil in that pic! The publisher lost a lot of fans and $$$ because of this decision for the last game.
  4. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Come & Moan Here...

    LOL You're complaining about having too much time off??? The condensed terms are crazy!!! I know! But come on... the 4 months off is great :DD
  5. f_a_r_s_h_i_d


    That looks like a photoshop job to me. I personally don't find female bodybuilders attractive; I like 'em petite anyways.... check this out dude! :k
  6. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Good-Bye thread

    I'm out... bye everyone :bye:
  7. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Include MSN, Yahoo and AIM Contacts

    Then what's the point of this forum? :huh:
  8. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    I dislike...

    hmmmm.... I gotta see that movie
  9. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    I dislike...

    ooooh cactus! sexy sexy!
  10. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    I dislike...

    My cheap, plastic razors are just fine :k As for waxing my balls cactus.... never gonna happen ;)
  11. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    I dislike...

    lol I KNOW, tell me about it! I'm becoming a hairy beast... well not quite yet :t
  12. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Good-Bye thread

    later dude
  13. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    I dislike...

    LOL razors now :DD
  14. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Emoticons reflect our mood

    awwww... that kitty is cute
  15. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    I dislike...

    I tried waxing my chest once, and it made me cry like a lil school girl :sc
  16. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Where are u from?

    Canada :DD
  17. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    wassup everyone

    Hey Omid. I'm Farshid, and I'm also a student. I'm majoring in computer science @ University of British Columbia.
  18. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Plz welcome Mr Laboojoon

    Hey laboojoon Farshid, 23, from Vancouver here.
  19. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    salam bara bach

    Hey Ardish Farshid, 23, Vancouver. By the way, if you rearrange the letters in your name and add a "F", you get Farshid :haha:
  20. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Drummms please

  21. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    I Can't Wait...

    khoofam va hameham khoofam to ham khoofi?
  22. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    Words Association Game

    t.v. show
  23. f_a_r_s_h_i_d

    I Can't Wait...

    awwww... here you go
  24. f_a_r_s_h_i_d


    Gotta hit back harder dawg. Make fun of her limited vocabulary! 81979[/snapback] Well... actually, I wrote that before I read your post. I wasn't too upset by what she said. I was more confused by her morse code.
  25. f_a_r_s_h_i_d


    I'd have to agree with guys being totally straight-forward. We are not psychic you know