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  1. Misty_J**

    Words Association Game

  2. Misty_J**

    I dislike...

    LOOOOL Yeah, your totally right. They give me the sh*its!
  3. Misty_J**

    If you wanna know...

    Yeah! Spill the beans and tell us about Iran. I've never been there in my short 15 years and I'd love to know.
  4. Misty_J**

    i love...

    I can't understand a single word. LOOOOOL! I know that your Persian and everything, but I can only speak English.
  5. Misty_J**

    I hate Britany

    Yaaaaaaay! You all agree with me.... well most of you do any way.... sortv'e.
  6. Misty_J**

    Do u love....

    :angry: I don't think so!! Stuff you!! Anyway, Vincent saw it and told me to say Stuff You... So there. :angry:
  7. Misty_J**

    Go Random

    Whats gonna happen? :huh:
  8. Misty_J**

    What Sports Did You Play in High School/College

    Seeing as I haven't seen you i cant comment. But anyway. Dream on.LOOOOOOL!!
  9. Misty_J**

    I Miss...

    That's so sad, it must have been scary. :ph34r:
  10. Misty_J**

    Do u love....

    Your signature says it all!!LOL!!
  11. Misty_J**

    What Sports Did You Play in High School/College

    Typical men. ;)
  12. Misty_J**

    Answer and ask the next person

    What happened to asking questions and answers? I mean were not supposed to be having a conversation. Oh but I'm sorry about your Daddy Dodo. I don't have one either and it's not very nice.
  13. Misty_J**

    Adults only

    You said it!
  14. Misty_J**


    Am I a frisky friend too?
  15. Misty_J**


    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday. Even though it is late. He he.