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  1. OOOHHH God ! These people can't handle a big problem!? P.S: Dear Keano Is this the way that you handle a big problem like this...I thought you should be good in handling big problems like this Don't be mean babe... Is not that big You are always my pretty Queen though
  2. The Crow

    Computer help for noobs

    What was the subject again???? :blink: :huh:
  3. AAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh! Dear friends...what can I say It's a long time that I have this problem. I thought maybe if I share it with good friend's like you ...You can give me a solution to solve it. I don't know ; where and how should I start? It's difficult you know! :huh: But anyway ...It's better than keeping it for me and suffering from it... Ready!!?? But ...Before that...Pleas! Pleas! Don’t make yourself upset and I don't want your sympathy <_< Ok here is my problem... My Problem Pretty big hah?! I know I know... Thank you for let me to share it with you... Hope this one does make any sense !? Ciao...
  4. Never mind! I think, it’s really popular in here to say it doesn't make any sense. Why should I care <_< P.S: About rejection though...There is always fresh fish in the river If it does make any senses for you. Ciao...
  5. The Crow

    Help me before I go insane.....

    I agree with pourya( At last in something ). I had a great time in Rio De Janeiro too. About chick butts. Well! They are mostly silicon (unnatural) Like Mc Donald’s junk food ( Nice but not testy ). About Persian music concert though. I have been in two or three of them. Ebi and I can't remember the others. What happened was that at the end of the concert ( all of them ) There were some stupid fights. Some guys get drunk or some others for chicks. So! I've stopped going there. Other problem is most of their lyrics contents are about Love And romance Or Political ... nothing else. After a while you became bored! Ciao...
  6. Whatever man whatever!!! Sometimes they ask you a simple question...and you answer with a simple answer...Then you are going to pay for it for a long time. Ask for strip....Go for it ...while is free. Maybe wakes up your real sexuality! Interesting part of this is that majority of people who have this sense of nationalism are people who live out of Persia (Itself).HUuummm <_< Go there ...Be there ... be proud! Then you can sing this song... Persia, Persia Über alles Ciao...
  7. Heh! As If!!??? Getting a rejection is better then getting an injection! Dear fairy. At the end of the day... I am not someone who stands all alone at the top of the christmas tree with a big tree stack into her ...hah? Merry christmas! Ciao...
  8. The Crow


    I can Edit My own Shoot Pourya!!!!!! You don't do it.
  9. The Crow

    Hello everyone !

    Hi! kesaid64 Welcome...Where is Sweden anyway :blink: Do you have any Alien over there?! So you are an artist...That's pretty cool...Hope to see more of you mate. ( I didn't mean Physically). Cheers. ;)
  10. The Crow

    Say 'hi' to the new girl!!!

    Hi josephinaaaaaaa... Welcome to ....EEEEEmmmm I don't know whatever they call it?! Hey! Can you introduce me to your 6 horny guinea pigs... I realy like to know them more
  11. The Crow

    salam iam e girl

    Hi! I'm fine! I am not happy and I hope you get this feeling sometimes to understand me better :blink: Ok Bye
  12. The Crow

    Hi all

    EEEEmmm... Dear Real-Mahan (The Real One) If you have a look at web site’s logo...you see the first letter of Home of proud Persian is familiar to you (It is the first letter in old Metallica logo) So I think it is actually ...Mome of proud Persian and of course none Persian And also you could be more specific....Instate of asking male or female? You could ask male or female or shemale? (Freedom of sexuality ) Great wishes for you! Ciao...
  13. Oh ! Thanks man ...How can I thank you for this great help of yours. All I can do is to give you a free strip if you are interested in?? Damn I missed my Persian Lit teacher...He was the same ...every time when I was reading something for him...No matter what it was He didn't care about the subject or what did it mean...He just keep correcting my mistakes ...So thanks Pal.... P.S: Hope you did read the whole thing though!? and I were serious about STRIPTIZE! :blink:
  14. The Crow

    When should u lose it?

    Teachers every ever! Hey Teachers leave them kids alone!!! Just do it man ...right here ..Right now
  15. LOOOOOOOl oh yeah thats very polite ;) what's wrong with Mansour? i told my mum about the guy and she said its was probably the way u smiled at him :huh: Hell Yeah...You know... I never even look at people when I am not talking to them. Doesn't matter Girls or boy's...Some of them just seek attention. They need to be looked at. But as soon as you look at them they make that angry face which means is true that I’m good looking but is not for you ! I am a selector not you. So! What the hell! You never know who you are dealing with...Maybe it happens to be Ice-man the serial killer She said ...she just smiled at him and he became a pain in the a**.( her a** of course ) my question is when you feel someone doesn't like to have conversation with you what is the point of being a jackass...Hah!? About Mansour...what is not wrong with it!? It doesn't have a good music and Mean less lyrics...just keep saying on and on only for you only for you... With all respect to everyone’s opinion of course... I said I won't go there :blink: My advise to you If you are a guy ...If someone smiled at you let them come to you because this is what the world is all about women become the selectors not you anymore Or if you go to her make sure she is not a member of any forum. If you are a chick ...put on a mask :ph34r: so no one can see your smile or your bad make up ... New pop music generation SUX! P.S : This is my personal opinion and you go wherever you want and smile at whoever you like. Ciao...