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    Really annoying guys

    Guys are capable of being reeeeeaaally annoying, stupid and shallow :angry: Im not saying that women cant show these things to, but this is strictly about males, so dont go turning all around now people :angry: :o :angry: Please share your thoughts, feelings and stories on the stupidity, annoyingness and shallowness of males freely Josie darling
  2. josephine

    Answer and ask the next person

    Neda and others that I wont name.
  3. josephine


    My weekend consisted of 2 days, both 24 hours each. I slept for approximately 17 hours in my weekend :mellow: :mellow:
  4. josephine

    Words Association Game

    loooooool, ur cute neda!
  5. josephine

    I dislike...

    Hey misty, what VOWEL where you staring out there? ;)
  6. josephine

    Answer and ask the next person

    Some i do, some i dont same Q
  7. josephine

    Words Association Game

  8. josephine

    Answer and ask the next person

    niether i find them both rahter off putting :angry: would u rather be G.Bush senior or Junior?
  9. josephine

    I dislike...

    oh yeah?
  10. josephine

    Adults only

  11. josephine


    u can be if you want to
  12. josephine

    clothing in iran

    hey, can someone plz anwer my q?
  13. josephine

    Words Association Game

  14. josephine

    I love...

    Hey, does 'Sa at chande' or whatever mean anything in particular? It sounds like somthing that neda taught me...
  15. josephine


    Yes my frisky friend.