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  1. eshghezamini

    helppppppppp lol

    oh hiiii guyssss hehe ok tanx keano joon
  2. eshghezamini

    helppppppppp lol

    OMG! guys ive beeen loookin EVERYWHERE! n i mean everywhere possbileee allllllllllllll oveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer n i cant find this song :( any helppp?
  3. eshghezamini

    lyric mood

    does ne1 know the lyrics 2 entegham by FS?
  4. eshghezamini

    new picture PEGAH

    omg pegah is gorgeousss, love her!
  5. eshghezamini

    Have u been in luv?

    Sure, I would love 2 hear nethin abt this topic atm
  6. eshghezamini

    Have u been in luv?

    as long as ur with the one u love, everythin seeems to b perfect, the minute its over, life is hell! sooo in my opinion if u fear getting hurt, dont take love seriously hehe
  7. eshghezamini

    dar rah be chi fekr mikonid?

    hahaha omggg, i think abt not thinkin aswell lol btw hi every1
  8. eshghezamini

    Go Random

    :( just watched a movie n cried sooo much oh yea n the movie was the house of fog & sand...was released ages ago but just got around 2 watchin it
  9. eshghezamini

    >>>this is SO SAD :(<<<<

    OMG im speechless.....i dont know who to belive but one thing i strongly belive in is dat the guy whos holding the kid down, he should b the one crushed!
  10. eshghezamini

    Go Random

    ah ah ah, im sik of adamaye nadid badid :punishing_wft: :punishing_wft: migam parande joon, shoma alan sare kar bidid dige....!! lolz
  11. eshghezamini


    mibinam kee...bale! lol
  12. eshghezamini

    Go Random

    lolkkk....and its Eshghezamini na Sibzamini :punishing_wft: jk
  13. eshghezamini

    Go Random

    DonYa dige MeslEh to NadaREE nadaRe na MitoonE biYareee :clap2: :DD
  14. eshghezamini

    I dislike...

    LOL @ Keano..i no exactly how u feel
  15. eshghezamini


    i have mixed feelings abt some1 in particular....