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  1. Sweet Adia

    Entertainment rumors

    Oh..well how silly of me to attempt the impossible... I think i'll lay off it for now, it seems you have some sort of a reading/comprehension disorder. Cheers
  2. Sweet Adia

    if someone was in love with you...

    I'm curious to know as well.
  3. Sweet Adia

    Entertainment rumors

    Maybe you didn't read the entire thread Tannaz. Actually, I started this thread and my intent was to BASH gossip, not encourage it. Hala fahmidi ya mikhay dobareh barat tekrar konam?!!
  4. Sweet Adia

    Entertainment rumors

    haha. I've never known that it was a slang term. Aww keano jan, is your Irooni blood boiling? Don't worry, there's no force involved whatsoever. You don't take criticism too well do you...
  5. Sweet Adia

    Persian Poems

    I've only heard the early version, not the CD. I'll definitely look into it though, merci.
  6. Sweet Adia

    Entertainment rumors

    bikhiyal, bikhiyal.
  7. Sweet Adia


    Barikallah Keano! This song is one of my favorites.
  8. Sweet Adia

    if someone was in love with you...

    Salam, I agree with Sima. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you're aware of all the factors that are/have been involved, like his intentions and feelings all throughout. It could be hard to defy our first instincts which may urge immediate rejection and/or revenge. If I was in your situation, I would have a thorough discussion with him, one where our true feelings and thoughts are brought into the open and shared. Try to not allow your emotions to get the best of you. You never know, if you persist and give him a chance to explain, the outcome could be completely different than if you were to close your eyes and walk away from him. Does the age difference bother you? It seems that your mere mention of it may imply some discomfort lurking in there. Best of luck to you!! Adia
  9. Sweet Adia

    Persian Poems

    Pourya have you listened to Khosro Shakibaie's recitation of this? It's perfection!!
  10. Sweet Adia

    Farsi word association thread

    ^ morgh
  11. Sweet Adia


    Welcome aboard eshghezamini
  12. Sweet Adia

    Actor or Vet or Phsychologist ???!!

    eshghezamini, go for whichever one of those fields you feel most passionate about and intrigued with. You probably have alot of time to decide -- give yourself room to experiment some. Don't worry, when the right time comes to decide, you'll know.
  13. Sweet Adia

    J O K E S

    ^ hahahaha....ajab khariyeh
  14. Sweet Adia

    I miss tehran :(

    akheyy....darket mikonam parande jaan... omidvaram har cheh zoodtari betooni beh rahati bargardi... felan saboor baash..