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  1. Oh is he half and half? Hehe! I'm sorry Mahan. The reason why I say that Spanish guys suck is because the majority of them lie to girls saying compliments and flattering things and once they get what they wanted (sex or simply making out) they run away from them, just in case they are trapped in a relationship. I'm tired of it.

  2. Hi all!!!


    Danke Shobeir. Ja, ich kann Deutsch, ich habe es elf Monaten gelernt. In September gehe ich nach Deutchland um mehr Deutsch zu lernen.


    Hey Real-Mahan, how are you??? Everything is perfectly in Spain now, but the weather is starting to get way too hot :(! Who's Persian Señorita? I hope to see her around :). It's true, everyone is paying attention to the Eurocopa, I hate football but I really home that Portugal wins on Saturday.