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  1. One experience that I will never forget is a trip that I did when I was 9 years old. I went from Portugal to Switzerland by plane, and then I came back with my dad by helicopter. It was so beautiful! It took us three days to go back to Portugal. Lovely trip!

  2. I think it depends on how open-minded you are.


    If two people who are very tolerant and open-minded but, at the same time, from different cultures decide to get married I'm sure that they will not have serious problems through their lives together. Actually, they will learn from each other and give their children the best from each culture.


    If, on the other hand, a person is closed-minded and is not willing to try new things the best thing is looking for someone who shares the same interests.


    So, depending on you "opposites attract" or "birds of a feather flock together". That's how I see it, for me personally... I'd like to (if I get married) marry someone from a different country, from a different culture. That would be perfect :D

  3. Which grade are you in? What are you planning on studying? and why?

    I study at University. I'm starting the 2nd year of Translation and Interpreting (English and German) in october. I studied the first year in Madrid and I'll study the second year in Germany. My course takes four years, so I still have three years left.


    When I finish, I will probably do a master, or... I still don't know! :)

  4. The U.S. government is the worst thing I've ever seen. They will blame anyone that can bring some benefit for them. They lie to the whole world and then laugh at us. They're a bunch of liars, they wanted to make us believe that the man went to the Moon, they want to make us believe that Bush actually won the election, they want to make us believe that a plane crashed in the Pentagon, they want to make us believe that there were WMD in Iraq... <_<

  5. My hair is: 100% straight, long, thin, light brown (it looks blondish and reddish with the sunlight).


    In the opposite sex I like it to be: straight, short, and the colour doesn't mind as long as it's not red or light blonde. Light brown, brown, dark brown and black are perfect for me.

  6. Ewww Real Madrid, I hate it since I watched a documentary about what this team does. In their stadium (Santiago Bernabéu), they have several rooms where the members of Ultra Sur (the most violent fans of the team) keep their flags, scarfs, etc. Besides being a violent group when it comes to football, they beat immigrants because they are against them and against anyone that is not from Spain.

    A journalist got in that group, investigated them secretely and then published the book that talks about it, "Diario de un Skin". I didn't read it, but I saw the documentary that was something like a summary of the book. Absolutely disgusting.


    Check this out:




    This Skinhead, named Oscar, was interviewed by the Spanish journal El Pais in December 1993. He continued: "Dark-skinned people repel me. I love Spain, and I don't like people who don't belong to the white race to come here .... The white race is the one that must rule. We whites know that we are superior ....Spain needs a dictatorship."

    Oscar, 19 years old, had just returned to Madrid from a bash in another city. On the train he and other Skins had beaten and kicked a man for being black.


    Skinheads were first seen in Spain in 1984 among the Ultra Sur fans of the Real Madrid Soccer Club.

  7. I think that the smell is not the worst part. When the toilet smells bad just light a match or a lighter for a few seconds and you'll see that it goes away. Anyway I don't smoke so I never take a lighter with me, but now that I've read this thread I might consider taking one in my handbag hehe!


    Now, as for the noise and the time you're in there... I have no solution ;)

  8. LOL what???? You think that Madrid is prettier than Paris? Wow... I didn't know that anyone could think that. For me Paris is just amazing, incredible, beautiful.

    I haven't seen any demonstrations? Were they here in Spain? They didn't say anything on the news I think... I would have gone too :)

  9. Madrid has a few nice things, but I don't think it's that beautiful, especially if you compare it with other cities like Paris.


    I agree with you about the San Fermines (the celebration that is taking place in Pamplona). It's nasty, I'm 100% against bullfighting, unfortunately it doesn't look like it's going to stop.

  10. LoooooooooL I totally totally agree with u Maria hun, this is sooooooooo true! OMG the worst r those still sayin 'haven't we met before?don't i know u?' EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW <_< totally No-Nos...


    But Neda jan this is true, u only need to smile at them or whatever, only show 'em in a lil way that u know they excist...OMG u'll see what happens... <_< :blink:

    Hehehe yea, "haven't we met before?", that's hilarious. The other thing that I find funny is that when a guy (at least spanish guys) asks if you have a boyfriend and you say yes his answer always is "oh it doesn't mind, I'm not a jealous guy". How silly... <_< lol!

  11. I hate guys who do that, that's why I'm tired of Spanish guys lol! They come up to you and tell you two or three stupid things (at least they could be original, but no, they always say the same) and then they go to another girl and do the same, until they find someone who pays attention to them.

    I don't know if it's my experience, but 90%* of those guys I've met lately are like that.






    *By the way(The other 10% are gays...).

  12. I'm virgo. People who are under this sign tend to criticize others... yea... that's me  :unsure:  :rolleyes:

    No they don't...they tend to deny what they do too ;)


    Well without OUR criticism, no one would be perfect :D :D such credit :lol: ;)


    Oh I LOVE star signs too....I don't believe in them that much, but I love reading it to the person face and have a good deal of laugh :D...mean mean mean!

    Hehehehehe!!!! Well, at least I admited it!!!


    I agree, we criticize, but when we do we just want to help!!! ;)