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  1. Ooops, it doesn't sound like a very nice situation! I would definitely ask my aunt/uncle his address and send a letter telling that person all you said here.

    You have two options: a) doing nothing about it and b ) doing what I just told you. If you wanted to choose option a) you wouldn't have posted this, so go and ask the address ;)

    Good luck hun! And tell us what you decided!

  2. I am really curious what exactly grosses women out when they hear that men wax, tweezer, or shave?

    In my case... N-O-T-H-I-N-G. I personally like men who wax and care about their looks. For me, a man who waxes, who chooses his clothes carefully, who takes care of his physical appearance is a 21st century man, very attractive for me!

  3. I don't like her, but I don't hate her either. She does weird things to get attention, it's the way she gets to be successful. If she's happy with that it's okay with me, but I'm not buying her music or paying for magazines.


    Angel, I don't think that any of those people who criticize her here are doing it because of jealousy. I don't think that she looks that good, I'm not saying that she is ugly either. I am not jealous though, if I were jealous of her I would be completely jealous of Nicole Kidman or Catherine Zeta-Jones, who are really beautiful, much prettier than Britney Spears (in my opinion).

  4. Hehe I don't like Spanish... when I was a little kid and I lived in Portugal my mom always spoke Spanish and my dad spoke Portuguese. So I saw Spanish like a language for females and Portuguese for males... then when I came to Spain to live men sounded so gay to me :D

  5. Well Reza jan, I really think the fact that u're both in different ages is the problem. I always say that age doesn't matter in a relationship or in a friend ship as long as u love and respect each other. But bein in that situation in the age of only 18 is bad, because I'm sure she wants to party most of the time and have fun and u're more family oriented now, u've had fun this far and now u're lookin for sumthin serious...It depends of how mature she is...BTW, where do u live/where does she live???


    I wish u the very best!

    I agree.


    Maybe she has some plans before getting married (studying, hanging out with her friends, travelling, finding a job, being independent). Getting married so young is crazy in my opinion.