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  1. So tell us what happened after he drove to your place! ;)

    You took all the excitements out of your story by not mentioning the whole story! :rolleyes:B)


    Please pick up where you left off! :lol:


    Just kidding! ;)

    Hehehehehe! Well, I went out, he was there standing by his car :wub:, we both got in the car and the rest... I'm not telling :), that was on a saturday, and on the next tuesday I invited him for lunch (I like to take the initiative with guys :p) hehe :)





    Beer or Wine?


    I pick beer, although I don't like alcohol at all.



    Same question :)

  2. It was when I confessed David (a guy from my class) that I liked him, I told it to him on messenger, it was like 1.30am and both of us were about to go to sleep. He told me to be ready in 10 minutes because he was going to drive to my place. It was great because I really really liked him and I wasn't expecting that!


    Same question

  3. Awww damnit, I feel for you! I have been extremely unlucky with the guys I've dated in the last months. I thought they were nice guys, but they fooled me, they were players. The last time it happened it was in April, since then I decided I wouldn't date anyone else till I got to know the guy very well. I don't know what to tell you, that's the choice I made and until now I'm keeping it.

  4. LOL it's funny and most of it true but this...




    A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband.


    A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.


    That's not true at all, at least not the first one, believe me... men need women more than women need men B), you do nothing without us guys...


    *María "the Feminist"*

  5. awww..green eyed girl(i dunno ur name yet honey) keano only invites people one at a time..an an hour with each person..that's if he tries really hard..otherwise a few swconds is what each person has to work with ;)  :lol:



    :D LOL!!! Keano is a Don Juan I see... :p! My name is María by the way, and yours?

  6. Thank you all! I came back yesterday!!! I had looots of fun and I found a flat! I will post some pics to show you!


    Keano, no those are not my eyes... mine are green hehe!


    Persian Senorita... I came back on Saturday, but I'll go back to Germany on October 2nd and then I'll stay there till July! So I'll spend a lot of time in your land hehe! By the way, I really liked it! People were really nice and I met this hot Turkish guy B)

  7. I'm really excited, I'm going to Cologne tomorrow with a friend. I'll stay there till friday. We are going there to find a flat or a dorm to stay during the year (we'll study there from october till july). I'm going to your land Persian Senorita :D