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  1. Mine was quite fun although the end of the day wasn't that good. A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to have lunch with him, after lunch we went to his house and he gave me a bunch of red roses. I was really surprised... then he asked me if I'd like to be his girlfriend and well, I had to say no because I don't like him in that way.

  2. Welcome back Green mama!


    I was actually thinking about you a few days ago!

    So how is your Cyber BF? the middleeastern guy living in Germany!



    Hi!!! Cool to see you again!

    He's doing good, we will hopefully meet in less than 2 months. We haven't met yet.

    He doesn't live in Germany, he lives in Palestine. He's coming here to visit me though, he has relatives here :)

  3. Hard question, I used to be closer to my dad, but lately I tend to talk more to my mom. I live far away from my family now because of my studies, so when I go home we talk a lot and we have no arguments. I think I'm equally close to both. My dad has a great sense of humor so it's easier to talk to him about certain topics, my mom on the other hand, is probably more understanding than him. They're different but equally close to me.


    Same question.

  4. Hey Dodo!

    Well, I came to Germany to study and then I was a bit busy, at first I didn't have internet at home, then I did but I didn't come online that often... and today I thought of checking this forum again and how you guys were doing :)

  5. heh' date=' come to think of it....it is all futile. One gets what one deserves. Iran deserves to suffer as long as male shuvinism, fear of sexual expressiveness and political prosecution is alive.[/quote']

    Please. Tell me you are joking. "One gets what one deserves"? So Iranian people have to pay for what other Iranian people did? Do you have to pay for your father's mistakes too? So if your father kills someone tomorrow and then you're murdered you deserved that, right?


    the moment i posted a simple pro-female note (although u all know u couldnt care less) all the insecure guys who think giving females a lil of some artifical respect for so many years of abuse under the name of islam is a threat to their manhood started to get all logical about it teaching me about generalization. sadlly as it is ' date=' some of the females seem to also like their position as second hand citizens. think for a moment, without fearing that our society will turn into america (where men are the victim)....are women treated as the same..in marriage..politics and even life? i say it having seen my dad treat my mom with fear...the fear that she might one day exercise her right to freedom of choice...[/quote']

    You really love to generalize, don't you? Where are you from? I am not from Iran and I'm not a muslim and, moreover, I'm not a man, actually I am a very feminist woman. All I think is that you can't go and say "Iranian girls rock" because what you are saying is that all of them rock, and as it sounds, they rock more than other women. Not that it bothers me, but when people make differences between nationalities and races then racism starts. And it's illogical. So according to your post, some nationalities are better than other. Tell me... do you have something against Spanish women? Just wondering, because I'm Spanish.


    i have seen him force her to wear a scarf...which by the way is another forcefull arab made aspect of a repressive religion (not that these jews or christians are better..no but at least there is less oppression in their religion).

    And...? I'm sorry about your mom' date=' and I prefer not to give my opinion about my dad because I am respectful. But honestly, your dad is sexist and discriminates your mother, not because he's a muslim, he does that because he is cruel. We have lots of murders here in Spain, where almost everyday you hear in the news that a man murdered his ex, his wife or his girlfriend. And...? Does that make all men bad? Does the fact that your dad is a muslim mean that in general muslims are like that? Please, stop generalizing. It's disgusting.[/color']


    i see iranain lives damaged by a politcal monster in middle east..when they deserve so much more...i guess at the end it comes down to iranian monsterous social system that teaches females to accept inferiority when it pretneds to promise a religious equality. you know' date=' i am doing my part to amend it...but what good is a hand when it is against a thousand hands that randomly and subconsciously move against it![/quote']

    I don't get it, you said in the same post that "one gets what one deserves", justifying with that that Iranians suffer. Now you say that Iranians deserve more than they have. I'm sorry, but what you are saying about Iran happens to 80% of the world's population, why? Because resources are scarce, and while there are very rich countries there will be lots and lots of poor countries that will be exploited by us (USA, Europe, etc). That's the way this cruel stinky world works. As a citizen, I do as much as possible to try to change it, by demonstrations in the street, voting in the elections and doing boycott. But now you come and justify it by criticizing Iranian people... ummm... I really don't get you.


    no it only gets worse....although iranians mistakedly take sexual freedom for equality with females..they miss that it is never achieved and along with lack of political participation it will forever be a problem in iranian way of life.

    Equality between men and women doesn't exist anywhere. It has been hard to get the rights that we have in countries like European countries' date=' but it's recent. Sexism wasn't created by Iran or muslims. Sexism is something that exists everywhere, but especially in 3rd World Countries. As a woman, human and citizen of the world, I'll do as much as I can to help to get equality for women and men, and equality between poor and rich people. There's a long way to go, though.[/color']

  6. I am sure that there are wonderful Iranian women, as there are wonderful women all over the world. However, there are stupid Iranian women for sure too (as there are stupid and bad women and men everywhere). There are good and bad people everywhere, discrimination (even when it's "positive discrimination" like now) creates hate between cultures. We are all the same, who cares if you are from Ethiopia, Iceland or Antigua and Barbuda? What matters is the way you treat people, the way you behave, the way you think and especially if you are tolerant and respectful. That's what counts, not your passport.

  7. Hola Ani!

    Oh well, I do believe in internet love, actually... I feel kind of identified with your post.

    Some months ago I downloaded ICQ to find someone with whom I could speak in German, but a guy from Palestine contacted me and we started to talk. After a while, we had become really good friends, we talked about any topic and I had learnt a lot with him and so had he.

    Both of us have admitted that we love each other, and we would like to meet. He has given up smoking to buy a ticket to visit me in Germany in March (I'm leaving Spain on October 6).

    But... Guess what! His university is preparing a trip to Spain, it's just for 2 people and they're coming now in September or in the beginning of October. Yesterday the university called him to tell him that he was coming. Isn't it crazy :o I thought that this kind of things just happen in movies lol!

    I still don't know to what city he's coming, or what day. I'll know that soon...

  8. By non-sense I meant those letters you said which later I figured out...those: ROTFLMAO!


    Then my non-sense...I don't see any non-sense in my post!!! & me attacking to you doesn't really need me admitting it cuz it was sooo obvious. You were ROTFLYAO cuz of what I said, which I didn;t consider a joke, so that means you were making fun of what I said which is not acceptable from me...so yea I was "Attacking" you!


    Again, IHFISHRONBFIS was a bunch of letters (like now) which practically mean nothing cuz I just typed them randomly! But if you really want them to mean some insult, you can try and see what they would become! & "behind your back" is for when you won't know it not on your face!


    Hope we're all clear!

    Well ROTFLMAO only means that I found the post funny, next time I'll type "heheheh" if you prefer.


    The non-sense of your post was because you were asking about my non-sense, and I didn't see any non-sense in it.


    It's clear to me now, thanks for clarifying. Hope it's clear to you too.

  9. "non-sense" azizam..i didnt undersatnd what u meant by it

    Oh I mean those letters..JHAIDYEJAOPI !!! ;)


    Not you of course!

    Excuse but I don't get it. First you ask what my non-sense means, then you say I ignored your question, you also say that you are good at making enemies (so you admit that you are attacking me), then I ask you what you meant with your question and you don't answer but now you say you meant JHAIDYEJAOPI (which probably is an insult) "behind my back".


    What are you doing???