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  1. Green_Eyed_Girl

    VALENTINES DAY............the aftermath....

    Mine was quite fun although the end of the day wasn't that good. A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to have lunch with him, after lunch we went to his house and he gave me a bunch of red roses. I was really surprised... then he asked me if I'd like to be his girlfriend and well, I had to say no because I don't like him in that way.
  2. Green_Eyed_Girl

    Hi all!

    Thanks Parande
  3. Green_Eyed_Girl

    Hi all!

    Hi!!! Cool to see you again! He's doing good, we will hopefully meet in less than 2 months. We haven't met yet. He doesn't live in Germany, he lives in Palestine. He's coming here to visit me though, he has relatives here
  4. Green_Eyed_Girl

    Hi all!

    Thanks guys!
  5. Green_Eyed_Girl

    Answer and ask the next person

    Hard question, I used to be closer to my dad, but lately I tend to talk more to my mom. I live far away from my family now because of my studies, so when I go home we talk a lot and we have no arguments. I think I'm equally close to both. My dad has a great sense of humor so it's easier to talk to him about certain topics, my mom on the other hand, is probably more understanding than him. They're different but equally close to me. Same question.
  6. Green_Eyed_Girl

    Words Association Game

  7. Green_Eyed_Girl

    Hi all!

    Hey Dodo! Well, I came to Germany to study and then I was a bit busy, at first I didn't have internet at home, then I did but I didn't come online that often... and today I thought of checking this forum again and how you guys were doing
  8. Green_Eyed_Girl

    The Most Romantic Language

    Wow, what a selection of languages! I don't fine any of those "romantic". For me the one that sounds the cutest is Arabic and also Italian, so I'd vote for one of those. It looks like they're not possible options though... :b
  9. Green_Eyed_Girl

    Hi all!

    Thanks :DD Cool smilies lol!
  10. Green_Eyed_Girl

    the ART-thread

    Nice thread! I love Impressionism. I also love Canaletto's art
  11. Green_Eyed_Girl

    Hi all!

    Hi!!! How's everyone doing??? I haven't posted for a good while, so maybe nobody remembers me anymore I hope everything's great with you all!
  12. Green_Eyed_Girl


    Fortunately I have no complaints about anyone ;) However, if I did I wouldn't say it here, I'd talk about it in private. Saying it here would just bring on a fight.
  13. Green_Eyed_Girl

    Men Vs. Women!!!

    I agree Keano. But about paying the bills, well, usually when I go out with a guy they insist on paying. Yesterday night I had dinner at a restaurant with my ex, and he didn't let me pay!
  14. Well Keano, girls like sex too and probably for cultural reasons sometimes most of them don't speak so openly about sex. As for me, sex doesn't make me feel embarassed at all. I'm very liberal so I see it as a natural topic. Now, the truth is that women have a lower sexual drive than men, because men have much more testosterone, that's a fact.