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  1. Baba Shahab in farsi sohbat nemikone to ham hey farsi tahvilesh midi!Lol mige ke nafahmidesh chi gofti!

    kio migi -666- ?


    yep, she doesnt speak Persian! :D


    looooooool zeki I mean damn !!! agha damet garm goftia :D



    translate? LOL





    &yeah OF COURSE shakira is hawwwwt..!!



    mariah carey.

  2. i only broke into my own car after leaving the keys in the ignition and locking the door...me and my friend persuaded a guy to go home get a wire coat hanger and then his friend jimmyed the door open and put the coat hanger throughto open the door, and all he wanteds in return was a handshake!!! wow, all of this after leaving the cinema having perved on Shia Labeauf in 'Disturbia'...i think iv paid for my perving sins :p

    LOOL, you make me lafff..! (in a niiice way!) x


    uh, the weather is absolutely DISGUSTING, some summer! pfft, were all suposed to be eating ice-lollies & wearing next2nothing! :c LOLL.. didnt do much thiis morning, babysat in the afternoon * yawns * then went for a driive with the giiiirls

  3. Naww, I can survive without one.


    TBH people queue up for anything thats marketed well, like 2 months ago, topshop introduced Kate Moss' range and in Birmingham everyone was queing outside to be the first to buy her range. So silly, I went the day after and it was a pile of poo LOL. I guess we all have different tastes but seriously does it matter if your the first or last or whatever? I think it's just marketing tactics with the help of the masses!

    ^ LOOOOOL tell me `bout it.

    Same thing happend down Oxf St In LDN over the NEW Primark (wtf?)


    loll, too much hype. & as you said, there isnt a point in it if most people already own either of those items already!

  4. Aw girl, I know exactly how you mean ^^


    I suppose the asian/middle-eastern culture has yet to accept seeing their 'respectful and obedient' girls being comfortable with their talent and doing something about it!!


    Its slightly amusing how people can gawp at actresses/singers wearing next to nothing and still compliment their 'girl next door' attitude but frown on their own women who attempt it. - & thats probably the one thing that p_sses me off the most!

    I mean, Im Pakistani right.. & the amount of people who ask why I dance & or do photo shoots (nothing outrageous AT ALL) as if its something wrong or "un-Islamic" - Which I really cant get my head around, unless doing something with the talent you have is "disrespectful" in their eyes.


    I agree with what you said, but perhaps their not completely "ignorant" but jus protecting what makes them special from their counterparts - respect, decency and morals. - Most of them just think going into the arts or entertainment sect launches you into the public eye and strips you of your culture, respect/private life (religion, culture, bleh.. all that stuff) I guess theres 2 sides to the argument =S


    Dont let it nock you though chick, seriously. At the end of the day, you have the talent & ITS GETTING YOU SOMEWHERE - so who the `eff gives a toss what OTHER PEOPLE think?! It takes alot to accomplish what you have and some people just wont understand that. Just do what you do & ignore the negative energy. Its very hard to change the ideology of some people, especially people who are culturally strict!


    * hugss *

  5. Tamia

    When A Woman


    He met her in his home town a couple of years ago

    She was beautiful inside and out

    How could he just let her go

    He had girls on the side and he tried to hide

    But somehow she knew

    Still she stayed

    She stayed



    But she would always cry

    Every night

    But then he noticed a change

    She no longer had tears on her face



    When a woman stops crying

    You best believe she has a new plan

    She's preparing for something new

    Something that doesn't include you

    When a woman cease to cry

    She's bout ready to say goodbye



    When you stay out late

    she don't call to ask where you are

    She just gives you this look when you come home

    That says better watch your back

    Fellas listen to your girl when she tells you that

    She's all cried out

    You better pray

    That she stays



    If she no longer cry's

    Every night

    If she doesn't complain anymore

    She's making her way to that front door



    When a woman stops crying

    You best believe she has a new plan

    She's preparing for something new

    Something that doesn't include you

    When a woman cease to cry

    She's bout ready to say goodbye


    Just as long as she is arguing

    Fussing and complaining

    As long as she will cry sometimes

    Everything is alright

    But as soon as she is quiet

    When you mess up she's silent

    And has this certain smile upon her face



    When a woman stops crying

    You best believe she has a new plan

    She's preparing for something new

    Something that doesn't include you

    When a woman cease to cry


    When a woman stops crying

    When a woman stops crying

    When a woman stops crying over you

  6. loool... It is amazing indeed!



    When people wear jeans in a way that you can see their hairy Azz crack! It's Fashion...


    When people straightly look into your face and lie to you! It's politics...


    When singers talking about murder, Gangs, drug, sex... It's Art...


    When some people like to see the world , only and only, in their own way, It's religion...








    When a human being tries to escape from the fictional reality around him and the people whom act like robots, and wants to sing loudly ,along his music player and does not even hurt anybody!



    It's weird!




    Huuuuummmmm! :see_stars_wft:

    who said that?!

    geez, talk about taking things to the extreme, rahh..

  7. I suck at ppl who have 2 face................. like they r good in front of u and somthing else from behind. :bandana::diablo:

    lol, woah. i totally misinterprated that. ^ just caught !suck at people, in front of you, something else from behind."

    oh lawdddy` !!! >.<

  8. LOL, awww!! ^^ bless you! haha, ugh >.< its always escalators! i feel for you, i nearly tripped UP a stair-escalator once, was dead embarassing cos i grabbed onto this mans arm to stop myself from falling =| but thats a whole otherr story! :$ but c`mon.. falling infront of a total hottie is just the worst thing everr!!

    When i do fall or trip I HAVE to burst out laughing just to handle the embarassment! - or cover it up &scurry away loll!

    Others would find it mean, but seriously, some of the sitcho`s where people i know have fallen have been totally "LOL" - like my friends aunty (whos quite, urm.. large?) fell down the escalators because she decided she could try fit the pram down with her, & i swear it was like dominos or something, cos everyone else fell too! who the EFF takes a pram down an escalator ANYWAY??! lol