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  1. .s3ksy

    Tell Us Something About The Person Above You!

    "goat boy" lol :p dont know enough about you to say, but hey!
  2. ahahah. im so sorry but, what BroKen SmiLe saiid is 'effin hilarious! aaw, bless you. well.. that cameron guy is pretty nice looking.. &um, how old are you?
  3. .s3ksy

    Hii Guy's ..x

    awh, thankyou's! ya'll are so sweet x
  4. .s3ksy

    Emoticons reflect our mood

  5. .s3ksy

    Hii Guy's ..x

    Oh no not at all hun! =D ta' for the welcome's.. hope your cool x
  6. .s3ksy

    Rate the avatar above you!

    you's two are real pretty, mashallah =] 10/10 ..
  7. .s3ksy

    HI there, I l<3ve you all

    Hey, welcome! im new myself, but oh well. loll have fun!
  8. .s3ksy

    I Feel Like...

    danciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing ! =D loll
  9. .s3ksy

    I want to dump my gf/bf

    Ditto. Geez. If you are serious, sitting on your arse &slagging your wife off on a forum really isnt gonna help situatuons. As lolita37 saiid, all you really need to do is talk to her, settle your difference maybe? &if your taking the piss, dude, grow up =]
  10. .s3ksy

    Hii Guy's ..x

    oh aiight thankss 4 that =]
  11. .s3ksy

    what are you listening to

    Plan B.. charmaine =$ loll
  12. .s3ksy

    what are you listening to

    Plan B Charmaine
  13. .s3ksy

    what are you listening to

    Snoop - Candy (Drippin like water)
  14. .s3ksy

    SH A GH A Y E GH

    wow. she's beautifullll, mashallah! LOL. love the way the poster put "GH" together - ahaha. ii had to be the immature one &point that out :$ loll :bl
  15. .s3ksy

    Hii Guy's ..x

    loll dont understand persian =$ but thanks anyway ^ :clap2:
  16. .s3ksy

    what are you listening to

    oooh.. whata' tuune ! =] ^ JAGGED EDGE.. ADDICTED TO YOUR LOVE.
  17. .s3ksy

    What is this song? =\

    lol, joker. dammit =[ naww its cool. :bl
  18. .s3ksy

    What is this song? =\

    damnn.. nobody knows huh =[ aawh.
  19. .s3ksy

    Hii Guy's ..x

    thankss.. =]