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    Rate the avatar above you!

    aw thankyou chica x your av makes me smiile loll, 10/10 :dance_baby_wft:
  2. .s3ksy

    Rate the avatar above you!

    oo girl you so perrty, tehe. 10/10 =))
  3. :rt my work would be so much easier if shakespeare`s parents had just used fucqin` condom. :c grr.
  4. .s3ksy

    How Fantabulous!

    um, whos tht?? lol :$
  5. .s3ksy

    Bollywood: Indian Movies

    Eew, I really do not like Bollywood films, &for a Paki that aiint normal LOL Honestly, how much CHEESE, high pitched singing & fobbish dancing can you stick in ONE film!? Make it 3 hours long, nick an already popular storyline from hollywood, &your SORTED. I liked Hum Tum but cant stand anything else, loll so predictable Boy meets Girl [song&dance] & her dads some top notch mafia dude so he cant get with her [song&dance] they get caught doing they` thangg in a field of flowers [song&dance] SO then the girls father sends people after him but AMAZINGLY he takes out alll 20 of them, [dishoom dishoom] with his BARE HANDS! then suddenly the girl pops outta nowhere [song&dance] &is OH SO FLATTERED, so hes like bleeding &sh!t but they still end up singing & dancing in the street then the dads like WOWWW your A MANNN, marry my daughter, blah blah blah [song&dance] * zzz * WHAT THE EFFF IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD. loll =| its like watchin the same thing with different actorss!!!
  6. .s3ksy

    what are you listening to

    That Erik dude is foiine. LOL Wisin Yandel & Rupee - Mami
  7. .s3ksy

    SH A GH A Y E GH

    wow LOL wtf. So much controversy, &over what! - Some people jus` aint gettin` enough sex. LOOL Neelofar, jus` give up, giiirl!
  8. .s3ksy

    Go Random

    ooo Mario Vasquez is so hawwwt!!
  9. .s3ksy


    Amr Diab - Lealy Nahari :dance_baby_wft: :dance_baby_wft:
  10. .s3ksy

    Go Random

    LMAO! ^ awh, todays weather looks soo lushh!! :p
  11. .s3ksy

    I am new here :D

    w/salam welcome to bia2 =]
  12. .s3ksy

    Selaaaam I'm new

    w/salam, welcome to the forum, hope alls well with you =)
  13. .s3ksy

    What is this song? =\

    &im siick of it now, LOL.
  14. hiiiii .. well this is really random, &call it silly but i heard this song @ a sheesha place riight &&i wanna know what it is, cus i think its gooooooood =] loll i recorded a wee bit, but my mates are makin' alotta noise, so im jus wishin one of you lot know ur music THAT well to know what it is sorry, i know its abit loud.. ! http://rapidshare.com/files/6341952/Record001.amr.html &in the vid the gals got like, blonde curly hair i think? dunno if that helps =[ lol does anyone know what im talking about? thanks in advance guys ! x
  15. .s3ksy

    What is this song? =\

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T63Js3IoA8 FOUND IT, yaaaaay!!!! :dance_baby_wft:
  16. Okay, lol im on a rant here, sorry for the whole essay :$ 1. At what age do you think people should start datiing, &what age Is It that you can actually have a proper relationshiip (love). - 'cause hearing a 12/13year old talk about relationships &being in love has almost become something of a norm. But thinking about it properly, it seems ridiculous. I mean i dont like to say to the few "young giirls" i know; that Oh, your being silly, its infatuation, your barely grown yourself, because im in no place to, infact its become so normal hearing about it, that i find myself giving them advice &talking in depth about sh!t the same as how i would talk to someone much older. - &thats kinda dangerous from my perspectiive.. Because then they automatically add value to the position they are in by taking it to new heights. - &do things you wouldnt really expect a 12/13 year old to be doiing (&without being specific im sure you know what im implying) Do u think its okay for teenagers of such a young age to be getting into stuff like that &taking on this whole, im so mature &therefore i can do thiings the older boys/gals do? Recently i was at a weddiing &i was talkiin to this girl who i thought was like 15/16 &she was talkin bout guys as usual.. & started talkiin about Ex's & sh!t going on with her, sex, believe it or not &i was like yeah, feeding back like i would for any of my other gals. Turns out, she had Just turned 13 =O &i tried not too offend her too much but im just like what the fucc!! Shes like jus turned 13 &talkin to me about guys & sex?!.. world's gone crazy. Wether people like it or not, that area will have to be discussed at some poiint and not be overlooked and regarded as something that WONT happen because its against our religion/culture. Sure weve been educated in Schools and generally aware of the consequences but what about those who arnet fortunate enough to be educated in such areas? Both religiously and ethically. I've probably heard about 4 muslim giirls gettin this month knocked up before marriage - when have you ever heard of such a thiing, (regardless of religion, was just an example) few years back it was literally unheard of. But why is that, miseducation, or that this generation is too care-free? Gee, i 'unno.
  17. Seski.....that light blue font does nice damage to the eyes girl! I think my friend who was sitting here reading it just had an epileptic seizure! Anyways.....I'd like to have a date this Saturday so please list your qualifications ladies and please post measurements and nekkid pix! how old ARE you, exactly? Because no one else has problems reading what I wrote ;) i suggest you get your eyes tested_
  18. .s3ksy

    What is "Sexy"

    uhh, okay. Thanks guys_ I just needed a few opinions/personal definitions, for some report but I finished that ages ago, lololll. I was sorta looking for responses like these: Sexy is a matter of opinion? In defining sexy, there are no rules, only preferences. One man finds eyes to be a woman's most attractive physical quality while another considers her hips or waist the most appealing. Some women like tall, dark, and handsome men; some women like smaller, blonder, even more fragile men. Like features, opinions change from person to person. Sexy is a matter of personality and confidence? A person can have a body to be envied, but without a matching personality, they are not classy. Classiness is conveyed through simple confidence. Classically sexy people are confident in their appearance and composure. They may not necessarily be super-model beautiful or drop-dead handsome, but they possess an unshakable assuredness of their worth. They are not arrogant, but they know who they are and are secure in that knowledge. Classically sexy people do not feel the need to bare all because they do not define their worth by how much they can attract. The skanky look described earlier comes from either too much confidence or too little. Sexy is a matter of heart? True beauty and attractiveness really does come from within, but we do not acknowledge this truth deeply enough, nor do we allow this truth to permeate our actions enough. A genuinely nice person who is average-looking is far more attractive than a person with stunning physical beauty, who has no inner fire. Sexiness needs to be more than meets the eye, because what meets the eye will fade. If there is no depth of heart and personality to give substance to outer beauty, attraction will die. The most beautiful people in the world are the ones with whom you can talk, share deeply, discuss honestly and laugh about life, share common interests, and in short, develop lasting bonds of friendship and relationship that go beyond superficialities. [/i] What you think? I think its the confidence, one. but i 'unno, lol inabit.
  19. ohmygosh wtfff wowwwwwwww!!!!! is that for real though :/
  20. .s3ksy

    what are you listening to

    bodyrox & Luciana _ yeah yeah :harhar_wft[1]:
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    Emoticons reflect our mood

    :I_am_tired_wft: :see_stars_wft:
  22. .s3ksy

    I dislike...

    guys that think its okay to fruckin lie to your face :angry:
  23. .s3ksy

    Hii Guy's ..x

    thankssssssssssss guyssss
  24. .s3ksy

    Hii Guy's ..x

    Salams, Wagwaans & hello's lol (may aswel cater for everybody) :p Im newww here =$ hope your all okay! Erm.. dont really know wat else to say so ciao bella =] Oh yeh, &im humzy.. loll :DD