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  1. LOL, awww!! ^^ bless you! haha, ugh >.< its always escalators! i feel for you, i nearly tripped UP a stair-escalator once, was dead embarassing cos i grabbed onto this mans arm to stop myself from falling =| but thats a whole otherr story! :$ but c`mon.. falling infront of a total hottie is just the worst thing everr!! When i do fall or trip I HAVE to burst out laughing just to handle the embarassment! - or cover it up &scurry away loll! Others would find it mean, but seriously, some of the sitcho`s where people i know have fallen have been totally "LOL" - like my friends aunty (whos quite, urm.. large?) fell down the escalators because she decided she could try fit the pram down with her, & i swear it was like dominos or something, cos everyone else fell too! who the EFF takes a pram down an escalator ANYWAY??! lol
  2. .s3ksy

    Hot or NOT?

    I think John Abraham is the fuggliest thing ever >.< Jude Law? [sex-on-legs! sorry i know im not s`posed to rate it myself LOL]
  3. .s3ksy

    Celebrity Mug Shots

    pourya; im not about to justify myself, because i cant! lol yes, `twas quite nasty (my mannerism towards adil) but yeah. thats just me! cant help it? but hey, i didnt mean, poor, literally. blah. sorry adil & pourya.. - didnt mean to be offensive >.< oopsiiie?! Adil, no one is arguing because of you. Your not the issue, my mouth is. loll
  4. .s3ksy

    Celebrity Mug Shots

    God i love that lingo...i miss it!!!! :air_kiss_wft: :punishing_wft: I let the cockney slang get the better of me sometimes! lol bless youu x Um, sorry. Just have a problem with sugar-coating things, ill try to be NICER to the poor fella` :-X
  5. .s3ksy

    *I suck at...*

    LOL i have the exact same issue! Bitchy, condescending? No, Just honest!!
  6. .s3ksy

    Celebrity Mug Shots

    Seems like someones desperate to seek approval for his "cool-factor", sitting in a car with an underage girl, OOH * slap on the wrist * .. a`iiiight mate!! & The age at which girls can lawfully have sex is 16, so I dont know why you even got clocked for being with her, if you were.
  7. .s3ksy

    Celebrity Mug Shots

    yeh she already posted it.
  8. .s3ksy

    Rate the avatar above you!

    hey goodlookin` ! loll, 10.
  9. lol, sorry pourya. i was merely stating my opinion, guess i should have worded it slightly differently!!
  10. .s3ksy

    Celebrity Mug Shots

    LOOL ^^ !
  11. .s3ksy

    what are you listening to

    Thassa` hot tune, g`luck with tha routine. Brea f/ Flo - Dead Wrong
  12. What a d!ck ^ Blah. Anywho, before I read that last comment, I was going to say, everyone looks so beautiful & classy & your jessica comment - SO TRUE! geez =|
  13. .s3ksy

    Rate the avatar above you!

    10/10 =) xx
  14. HAHA ^^ awww!! LOL i can imagine! bless the poor fella`, though. i almost feel BAD laughing at him! loll i dont know why but i laugh when people fall or trip lol its not even funny thinking about it, its NASTY, but i just cannot hold it in! :$ was on the tube which is pretty jam packed so uve gotta stand up if u havent got a seat and this one lady was stood right infront of me but not holding onto anything, tucking her blouse in & as soooooooon as the train started moving she went flyiiiiiing down the train &i found it sooooooo funny, u should have seen her face, priceless! (sounds dead nasty but i really cudnt help it) lolll
  15. Blah. LOL, whats the word? i wanna use it as an insult LOL :harhar_wft[1]:
  16. .s3ksy

    Guys, Vanity.

    Eew, why would a woman use a RAZOR to "shave" her face, tha`s nasty (no offence to anyone that uses this method!) lol Ahem, ok good point Pourya!! STILL .. =/
  17. .s3ksy

    Guys, Vanity.

    LOOL guys, do you ever wear any "products", ie) stuff for your hair or your face? Are there any fella`s on here that clean up thier eyebrows or wax? - ii honestly, honestly do not think it makes a guy a faggot if he takes care of himself, i dont understand it! __why is it okay for a guy to not takecare of himself (vanity-wise, i mean.) &when someone does go that extra mile to look good or takecare of themselves, theyre labelled gay or ponse-ish! LOL. I dont mean extravagant make-up to make yourself womanly LOL not the drag-sh1t, cos that i sorta do have a problem with, Just genrally, using concealer to cover a spot maybe? tidying up your eyebrows if you have a mono-brow - not to makeyourself look womanly, but just TIDY UP!!!! why cant guys flippin tidy up!!! lol, thing is, having said tht, there is a line, and i dont think it should be crossed! - like using straighteners to define spikes is okay IMO. or getting STREAKS put in ther hair, is fashionable and if girls can do it why cant guys!! i dunno - whats your view on stuff like tht ^^^ Im not saying they should be psycho-obsessive and always groom themselves to look tip-top cos yeah, girls let go sometimes, too! it doesnt hurt to make a bit of an effort, though. Be happy with yourself, be comfortable with you - 100% for that - sure. My point is just that there isnt anything wrong with wanting to look good, and fellas need to rid of the mentality that it questions ther sexuality,or makes em look faggish. anywhos.. Opinions?
  18. .s3ksy

    Bia2 Rumours...something fishy goin on?

    I need a darn translator to get some of this gos! LOL
  19. .s3ksy

    what are you listening to

    Imran Khan Ni Nachleh
  20. .s3ksy

    Guys, Vanity.

    ...and finally cut off the balls!lol oh shush! :p LOL yes, which is why i mentioned, erm.. "the line" i dont mean DRASTICALLY, like, to achieve a super sexy look (cos with some people it just doesnt work! just jokiing..) but yeah, little things =S like FIXING an overgrown eyebrow or usin facial cream & whatt not.. - i mean i know guys that are like NO to cream & facial scrubs cos it "apparantly" makes `em feminine, but how does it! wtf, sheesh.
  21. .s3ksy

    Answer and ask the next person

    A. Good to know! LOL. Q. Where on earth is everybody?
  22. .s3ksy

    HaPpY 21st BiRtHdAy TaRa

    happy birthday x
  23. .s3ksy

    Rate the avatar above you!

    LOL funny :p
  24. lol, can someone tell me what the FIRST snippet in this mix is, pleaseeee?? &the one at 55 seconds, please. http://www.speedyshare.com/177165369.html wanna use it for a performance but dont have the full song so id realllly appreaciate someones help! thnQ ! xx
  25. .s3ksy

    hi guys! help please!

    I got it from a friend xD & the dance went pretty well thankyou for your help, though! x