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  1. Seashell

    5 Worst Persian singers!

    1-Mekabiz 2-Shahram K 3-Shaghayegh 4-Boys( roje n Kia)
  2. Seashell

    Earth = Hell?

    then mybe u should do somethin about it!
  3. Seashell

    i love...

    lol@ keano I seriously didn't know what to choose as my nick name! and my friend just signed in msn and her nick name was baby seashell and since baby seashell is too long i thought i just go with seashell:)
  4. Seashell

    I Can't Wait...

    It's a secret! :p
  5. Seashell

    Earth = Hell?

    I only read the first page, sorry can't be bothered to read the rest so i might be repeatin some one else NO, how can u say that earth is hell?! If you can't see beauty in the things around you, you might be suffering from depression!! I do belive in hell, but i don't belive in hell as an actual place that you after death! hell and heaven are both states that our souls goes through!
  6. Seashell


    I don't belive in "the one" nor "soulmates", oh and I don't belive in destiny! I don't think that there is only one person out there that is meant to be with you! anyone can be the "one", same goes with soulmates! And I don't belive in destiny because I think life is what you make it!
  7. Seashell

    I Can't Wait...

    How did you guess?!
  8. Seashell

    i love...

    no im not from holland :blink:
  9. Seashell

    I Can't Wait...

    I can't wait till December 2005!!
  10. Seashell

    i love...

    u must be kidding me!!! 7 entire pages of jkhjb??