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  1. Even US-CERT advise people to stop using I.E and find something less attractive to attackers http://networks.org/?src=cert:713878 I have switch 45 users to Mozilla FireFox http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/ cheers
  2. Farid

    Computer help for noobs

    Pourya, I just noticed that you have edited my post ? Can you please explain what kind of discussion does belong here ? I did not get out of hand at all...I was simply telling a user that he was full of himself, that's about it ... You may want to keep this forum clean and I have no issue with that but nit picking is not going do anyone any good. I have been around lots of forum and I have seen how moderator respond to users.. ....editing someone's post without a heads up notice is not a way of moderating, that is controlling. Finally, I may occasionally visit this site for picture, But I'm sure not to post any more. It feels like I'm back in Iran and every word out of peoples mouth is being censored by government all over again. cheers p.s; let's see if you are going to edit this one too ??? ----------------------------- Farid, your post was not edited due to the comment about the other user, but because of its ”hacking” nature! You were about to help someone to infiltrate another persons e-integrity! As you yourself mentioned to fefe, it was activities not suitable for the public forum! Rather in a private one! Pourya@bia2.com
  3. Farid

    Computer help for noobs

    Well fefe.... There is a saying that goes like this " If there is a WILL then there is a WAY" Now you got to provide more detail..... if you don't feel comfortable talking about it in this room then send me a PM. ----------------------------- From now on, this kind of discussions wont have a place in the public forum! Continue it in private! Pourya@bia2.com
  4. Farid

    Can't find Control Panel !!

    never mind.... apperantly I was not logged in :-P cheers
  5. no such links here!!! pourya@bia2.com
  6. Farid

    New Yahoo Messenger!

    Hi BehnoushY, I'm just gone jump in on Keano's thread What happens when you try to install the new Yahoo MSGR? What OS are you running ? Have you tried to un-install Yahoo messenger and all the components and then reinstall it from scratch ? On some other note, Google is coming out with Gmail, and guess what !! with 1 Gig storage space.... that's nuts... anyways you got to sign up now and then they will send you an email as it become available. cheers
  7. I'm looking for ring tone and back round oix for my Samsung n400 (and yes, I don't want to pay),, any link ?? cheers p.s; pm me
  8. Farid

    Computer help for noobs

    Ok, Amir, just for hell of it I have registered..... , I'm currently a senior member of http://www.softwaretipsandtricks.com forum and I spend most of my time there. cheers