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    PLEASE HELP! For Ferdowsi's sake

    I have tried some census and included the Tajik variant of his name now at the bottom of the opening paragraph. Hopefully this will end but otherwise I still need you to please voice your opinion in the discussion page.
  2. Persian: Doostan Aziz salaam va doroor bar shoma azizan. Doostan Aziz, in topic raa minevisam bekhatere inke raahe digar nadaram. Doostan Aziz , Agar dar Google Ferdowsi raa search konid, avalin Link Wikipedia hast. Motasefaane ba vogood 100 ha source ke migan esme ferdowsi farsi hast (حکیم ابوالقاسم فردوسی توسی‎) yek gorooh kochak dar Wikipedia darand esme Tajiki baraye ferdowsi mizarand (Ҳаким Абулқосим Мансур Ҳасан Фирдавсӣ Тӯсӣ) Man be in afraad source bad az source neshaan dadam. Inha faghat be fekhr khod hastand va hamash bahs mikonand va esme oo ra be Tajik tabdil mikonand. Man dar safheye discussion yek topid baaz kardam ke bahs anjaam beshe. It is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Ferdowsi#His_name_in_Tajik_Persian Lotfan agar mitavanid (hata agar account nadarid) be in safeye balaa amade, click on [Edit] va dar paayin safe nazare khod raa bedid. English: Dear friend, I apologize to start my first forum post in such a dismal tone. I need help! In spite of massive literature showing that Ferdowsi is from Tus, Iran and the fact that Shahnameh is in Persian and Ferdowsi's name is in Persian, ,a group of two users in Wikipedia persistently have added a Tajik version of Ferdowsi's name. The problem with this change is that it is misleading. Ferdowsi was NOT Tajik. Tajik alphabet is Russian alphabet and it was made when Tajikestan was taken over Russians. Ferdowsi would have suffered 30 year to create Parsi only to turn over in his grave now seeing his name written in Tajik. I have started a discussion in the Talk page of the Ferdowsi page. You can get to it by going to Google, searching Ferdowsi, and going to Wikipedia page and going to "Talk" link on the upper left and scrolling down to == Tajik Persian == section and click [Edit] and voice your opinion that is that Ferdwosi's name should remain in his loved language or Farsi. You can also click on this link and it will take you there directly: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Ferdowsi#His_name_in_Tajik_Persian It is really stressing for me and frustrating to see the GREATEST poet in Iran being hijacked. I looked at source and EVERY source including all active online encyclopedias site his name in Persian not Tajik. Besides I have tried to reason with the two users who use the Tajik name by reasoning that if you click in the Persian link it will take you to a page where there is a complete discussion of the Tajik language as a part of Persian! I don't know what to do and I need support. Honestly if you feel that Ferdowsi's name should remain in original Persian then please come to the talk page and say it. If you don't say anything now we might not just loser Persian Gulf we can also lose Ferdowsi!!!