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  1. Here's another group project that I put together recently.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4X5Tx8DEM3M
  2. PersianChords

    Fire this video editor!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSTHJNwM3BI What's up with changing 500 frames per second? it's not even watchable especially towards the end. You kind of have to look away from the screen to listen to the song!!! Whoever butchered this potentially real nice video clip in such a horrible way should totally do time in a maximum security jail.
  3. Just listened to the song. Why is the audio is in MONO and not STEREO? Mind boggling...
  4. PersianChords


    Hey everybody, A new member here. Always interested in making new friends and in particular other fellow Iranians who like music, or even better if they're a musician! Good to be part of this forum...Thanks Sam
  5. Hello Everybody, Here's my first post: I'm an Iranian born musician living in Los Angeles. My involvement with Persian pop music is mostly over the internet. Recently did an international fun Persian music video clip and friends suggested for me to share it with you guys here. It was a zero budget collaboration with Musicians and singers from all over the place. Considering the recording situation (which was less than ideal) the result turned out ok, but again it was for fun (with NO RELIGIOUS or POLITICAL AGENDA) so that was expected. Here it is a medley of 5 songs ( Mohtaj-Pichak-Shekar-Hejrat & Baghe bi bargi): http://youtu.be/G9AA8AQOtms