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  1. Hi everybody, Just wanted to let you know about an app that I published a while ago. Feel free to check it out if you're interested in reading chord charts.etc. It's a free app by the way. You can search in Amazon market place, Google play, or Apple Store for it if you like. It's called "Persian Sheet Music"... Peace By the way, I'm working on a fun (group project) music video clip for YouTube. If there are any singers/Musicians out there who are interested...let me know for sure. No Keyboardists please! Only if you sing or play an acoustic instrument (Strings, Brass, Guitars, ..etc) For singers, you don't have to be a lead singer with a super awesome voice. As long as you have a decent singing voice with some music experience...I'll supply the backing tracks and you'll record your part in your studio, bedroom, kitchen..whatever, wherever... .
  2. Don't you guys think using an Acoustic Grand Piano for this particular music video is a bit out of character?
  3. PersianChord

    Maziar Fallahi's new album

    I kind of fast forwarded the songs. There's only two songs that I'll get back to later. The whole album seemed as 2 or 3 long tracks. Some songs sounded almost identical: Just listen to the vocal melody of "Matarsak" and "Ghorboone maste negahet" . If it weren't for lyrics, it'd be very hard to tell the difference. He's used the same ideas over and over and over. It's like he's got one song, and then another two as a variation of the first song and so on. Also, his voice is way too soft for club songs.
  4. PersianChord

    Omid in Prison Break?

    That most interesting part is that someone woke up one morning and decided he/she was going to Photoshop Omid's pic and somehow Prison Break Album cover seemed to be the most suitable option. Personally, I would've gone for MJ's "Thriller" cover. It's not like people actually notice these things anyway!!!
  5. PersianChord

    Gooz O Shaghighe syndrom!

    I was just listening to this fine song by Ebi for the first time, and I could not believe how the arranger had managed to come up with the most weirdest idea to screw up this song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iX7PuKtnuFQ This song is suffering from "Gooz O Shaghighe" Syndrom as these Solo haie Hendi have nothing to do with the rest of the song. Totally unrelated, Totally out of character....
  6. PersianChord

    Gooz O Shaghighe syndrom!

    Exactly my point! Different genres/Styles are "blended"! You can hear that blend during entire duration of the song. You can hear the fusion in just about any part of the song, right? It's so obvious and prominent that the entire song is actually build on top of that idea. In all the examples you provided, you can start playing back from any where and you'll be able to hear it. That's how it should be. Two or more styles fuse together and become one. Did that happen with Ebi's song?
  7. PersianChord

    Gooz O Shaghighe syndrom!

    That would be totally fine, but this kind of approach is just horrible. If they're trying to give the song an Afghan/Indian feel, they should do it throughout the song as well. In this song, styles are not blending at all. Vasleie najoor is only thing you get out of it.
  8. PersianChord

    Gooz O Shaghighe syndrom!

    There's no such a thing as "Music Pop Ariayee"!!!
  9. PersianChord

    Gooz O Shaghighe syndrom!

    You know I'm not sure who wrote this song but definitely want to find out who wrote those crappy solos. I just can NOT believe these guys sometimes. Too bad they're not active on any of the forums that I know. Would've been interesting to find out why ...
  10. PersianChord

    Random thoughts.. 7 Band's new album

    I like Sirvan and Farzad Fattahi type of style. At least they're influenced by Josh Groban and such...not Tarkan. Not only that, their style is convincing for me. As for the Eastern traditional style vs. Western Pop style: There's always one thing to remember. "Harmony" is completely a Western thing. There's no such a thing as "Chord Progression" or even "Chord" in any other culture (Orientals, Indians, Chinese, ....Africans, and not even Turkey). If you listen to the traditional Iranian/Turkish/Indian/Japanese... music you'll only hear Melody and Rhythm. That doesn't mean their music is inferior at all, but it just works in a completely different way. I went to a concert performed by real native Indian (from India) musicians and I was totally overwhelmed by the fact that how many times they changed Keys, and Time Signatures within a 3 minutes long piece! Good luck analyzing and trying to write out that kind of music using the Western Notation system. Even the most modern experimental Western music doesn't have that kind of approach to Time signatures and Scales. The reason I'm saying all this is that Pop Music is %100 Western. Everytime you play a chord, you are playing Western music. Persian Pop music can never be considered original because all the fundamentals are borrowed. It's like throwing a steak on top of Ghorme Sabzi. No matter how you prepare that steak ,you'll still get that Ghorme Sabzi flavor. Poor example, but that's basically what's happening with None Western "Pop Music". I don't think Pop music is the real threat to music sonnati. It's the music education system in Iran that sucks balls. Wait, there's no music education system in Iran at all.
  11. 1) I'm just wondering why there's so much Turkish style string runs/articulations used in this album? Is there a particular reason that there's so much emphasis on this? 2) Why the song writer/lyricist forces the syllables to fit the rhythm or melody in such an odd way? I'm not Fars and even I can come up with some alternative choices to make the lyrics more balanced rhythmically. To be clear, I'm not judging the quality of the poem , but the rhythmic flow of it. Example: Eshghe Man (00:21 - 00:36 ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qNUt6WgTRw I see this type of writing in their songs all the time.
  12. I think he's a very good song writer and singer. I can even see him singing Rock songs, but for me it's a massive "NO" when it comes to Techno and club songs. I personally think when he covers those type of songs , he's completely lost or doesn't know what else to do anymore. He should stick to pop, PopRock and a combination of those and Electronica....Anything else doesn't even go with his personality and looks....
  13. PersianChord

    Random thoughts.. 7 Band's new album

    Maybe originally it was them and 4 other musicians? It's possible.
  14. I got to know Babak when Googoosh released her first album after 30 years. I think He was the one who did a few songs for her.. and then a few singles here and there. Same type of arrangement. What kind of album did he release in 1998? Solo instrumental or vocal? The video editor had already established that this is a small acoustic band and they are playing "live" and they did a good job in supporting that idea. That 02:43 shot screws up and kills that momentum for a second or so, and then it's all ok again for the rest of the song. The guy who's playing the Brass lick (Trombone) has his instrument down but there's a nice and loud brass part going on in the music. Not that anybody would care or notice that, but I'm devastated! lol Seriously, it's a poor editorial decision. Well, too late, it's there to stay.
  15. Overall I liked it . Yeah, nothing ground breaking , but I don't think the idea was to come up with a completely brand new idea.That's the typical sound of Babak Amini's arrangements. Sometimes a smaller acoustic arrangement is all you need. Faramarz and Babak's collaboration could never go wrong. There were few editorial issues here and there......Please stop using that "Jirjirak" sound at the beginning of clips once and for all. And then what do you guys think of the 2:43 -2:44 shot?
  16. PersianChord

    Random thoughts.. 7 Band's new album

    Almost all recording artists are influenced by other styles one way or another, but to just completely drown like that in something ? For me this work seemed like a Turkish album influenced by Persian pop music and not the other way around. I don't know the history behind this band, so it might be something they've had success with in the past, or something they have to give to their fans...not sure. I don't remember hearing so much of it in one single album.
  17. PersianChord

    Omid & Thomas Anders - "We Are One" (song)

    Someone like Andy is more like an Iranian male version of Britney, but I would've found a collaboration between Modern Talking and him a lot more convincing!!! This has everything to do with someone's style, throat articulations ...etc. It's very hard for me to consider Omid a Modern pop singer he wants to be. Obviously he wants to expand, explore and all that.... . I love that, but you can't just dress up a Cat and call it a Lion. You actually need to ACT like one or at least be in the ballpark. I thought this song and the video clip were totally disconnected too. Ok, so he spent quiet of bit to make the video clip, but the song didn't go with it at all. It sounded just like the other songs that he does all the time. (Aside from that semi jazzy horrible lead at the beginning. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAqmf6q-5sc&list=PLCCFB9C964654D359 This collaboration didn't change anything for me, eventhough He did a lot better than I expected. If he wants to come across as a "modern pop singer", he needs to make huge changes and be consistent with them. He needs a lot more than just riding a bike, wearing sexy sunglasses and wearing pilot uniform...my 2 cents
  18. PersianChord

    Babak Jahanbakhsh - Oxygen (album)

    So far I've only listened to the main track of this album called "Oxygen". It's got a big problem. They failed to establish a chorus or a hook that would make this song memorable. I already forgot the song that I just listened to 5 minutes ago! In brief, it doesn't have a clear structure at all. It's almost two songs in one (although it's only 3:30 long). He keeps introducing a new melody every other line without going back to the main idea. Actually it never became clear what the main musical idea really was. It might work at a club where half drunk people are dancing and nobody cares about the musical value..etc.
  19. PersianChord

    Googoosh/Ebi Medley (Tribute) Youtube video

    yeah it was definitely a lot of fun. For the most part these musicians used cellphones and consumer graded cameras to record themselves, so the sonic quality was just horrible. They sent me tracks with all kinds of background noise you can think of...Dogs barking, babies crying, neighbors fighting and the list goes on. I had to remove a truck load of noise to make the tracks useable. It didn't matter though. I wasn't after studio quality crystal clear mix..... Unfortunately, my video editing skills are awfully bad. I'm a music/audio guy. (Sound design, Foley/ADR, score editor). I do post production (audio) work for the most part. I edit my own YouTube videos that I shoot with a $300 Camera. So no professional experience on the video side of the production here. I've done many music clips for fun ...I just did a small one for some friends of mine who also happen to sing in the medley: http://youtu.be/20FNQdVLgIc http://youtu.be/TvcPFHg53xk and some instrumental stuff: http://youtu.be/vEaPc4CY3rA etc...
  20. PersianChord


    Thank you guys! yeah, forums are fun, especially if they're sexy!