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  1. Ladies, Do height, and money matter? As in do you think a guy who was 5'5" is super short and not too rich, wouldn't date him even though you got the impression that he wasn't a stereotypical Persian guy? He would be 24 years old so hence the money issue. Thank you, K
  2. I want to date a girl who is as smart as I am, I have yet dated one. I want a relationship and stupid girls just play games, my experience anyway. I think it's insulting to both people to date someone one thinks is infirior in any way, besides won't anyone want someone they think they are perfect? Guys like to be or seem like they are in control... It makes us guys feel needed, thus happy. Guys like to feel like they are taking care of the girl, not literally but in a broad sense. We want to be the girls hero, and I guess it's possible with girls who can't think well? K.