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  1. pouyapow

    Answer and ask the next person

    Real Madrid is already toasted (Thank God, I just can't stand Ronaldo) Barca will humiliate Manchester United A) I doubt it, it physically cannot be possible, unless the range is a long distance, thus the damage somewhat minimal Q) Living a super fancy life, though accompanied by stress, or living a very simple and somewhat financially poor life, though less stress? A cockroach can its the only living organism in our planet that will live through a nuclear blast A. i would have to go with the latter, simple life and no stress, i say cos iv had a stressfull life so i guess i want that opposite.. Q. if an alien spaceship landed and gave you the option to go and live amongst them on another planet and all ur questions about life and existence would b answered, would u go? (u cudnt come bk here everr)
  2. pouyapow

    Answer and ask the next person

    ey val im gonna back Real Madrid Q. can any living organism survive an atomic blast? if so, what?
  3. pouyapow

    25 Examples of Unintentional Porn

    maybe not Unintentional but subliminal?
  4. pouyapow

    Ghazanfar Interview

    what the Funk? aroosiyo eydo tavalodo hame inaaro yeki kard bad be goosfandaash eydo tabrik goft.. hahahaha
  5. pouyapow

    Persian Jokes

    =))) taa sob khandidam
  6. pouyapow

    Answer and ask the next person

    A. because most americans are more concerned with feeding their stomachs than to worry about clothes Q. how many seconds are there in a week (dont use google)
  7. pouyapow

    ThePerser - City Ville

  8. pouyapow

    persian hiphop

    hi guys i came across www.persianhiphop.com a few days ago, looks like the old site is back and its pretty impressive, thought u lot might wanna check it out www.persianhiphop.com
  9. pouyapow

    Answer and ask the next person

    no we just think we are do you dislike jews?
  10. pouyapow

    Words Association Game