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  1. orel


    bloody mozilla forgot to login automaticaly .. damm it :ph34r:
  2. orel


    Whats diferent between atheist who hate religion and Religion fanatic, who hate atheist ? ... not much ... Both of them have lack of tolerence and respect.
  3. orel

    if someone was in love with you...

    that ugly guy is me, forgot to log in
  4. orel

    those sport bags...

    lol i trough that era of "signed" things is over... have a nice trip lady
  5. orel


    my friend, there are no OFFICIAL transliteration-systems of FARSI (like the modern Turkish alphabet vs. the Ottoman) used in today’s Iran, however the Orientalists (experts in Middle Eastern studies) use the "standard" transliteration system based on the Arabic alphabet (Modern Transliteration of Arabic scripts generally follows the system given by Nelson, Eliasii or Leyden), but these days many academic institutions have adapted their own suitable and simplified version of it! I as an Orientalist(/Iranist) use the North-European version of the ROMAN transliteration-system! ok .. so ROMAN ... chmmm i will check out what do we have over here. Coz i would like to check farsi as language, but somehow i do not hurry up on aphabets thanks pourya
  6. orel


    thanks for respond angel. You know name of transcription ? I would prefer someone who speak some of slavic languages or chinese. i speak only czech, chinese and english and im thinking about farsi. I would like to know if is it similary (grammar) to any of lanuages i know. i know some of french grammar and german. It seems to me, that its more closer to chinese that Slavic languages, but sometimes it sound like you have declension in farsi, havent you ? Pronunciation of farsi seems to be quite fine, not as hard as chinese. btw do you live in Canada or France?
  7. orel


    I guess farsi have some official transcription in latin. Anyone know name of this transcription. Btw is here somebody who does speak other languages that farsi, english, so he can compare farsi to some other languages ? thanks
  8. orel

    r u beautiful?

    LOL pourya
  9. orel

    what's the meaning of life?

  10. ...that is Satan's mission... to deprive everyone of salvation. Since Satan is doom, he is going to take as many lives and souls as he can. according to most of holy books, Satan will take only those, who will give themself to him. Finaly its only up to human what will be his/her decision.
  11. it depend on person. some persons doesnt have goodness related to religion, so they do not lose it during hard times that easily. I found that some religion people have problem to imagine someone with same, good habbits but w/o religion.
  12. orel

    r u beautiful?

    actualy when i meet some "atractive" persian on the street, i were lucky to not ramm any tree or street light. (happen to me only 2x ... street lights are tough) Later on i realized that i could start to breath again
  13. not all of the girls are b|tch (make men a pig need one more person) sure its true. but ratio is very diferent all around the world.
  14. orel

    r u beautiful?

    damm bloody IE i were not logged in .. sorry
  15. orel

    Who was born where? Live where?

    hehe i was born in Czechoslovakia rep. , i didnt move and now i live in Czech republic.