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  1. Parthi

    Sepideh's New Album/Videos/Songs Promo

    The songs seem good from the sample; and yes less koji is good indeed.
  2. Parthi

    Comments on new iranian releases

    I'm really a big Alireza Assar fan, but I didnt like this album. Changing gears now; I have been waiting for Sandys album for a very long time and I think its ok. In the other hand, Idin's new album is good. ( I'm not a music reviewer, so all of these "opinions" are just mine ) :dance_baby_wft:
  3. Parthi

    Kamran and Hooman

    2 different girls ? what?!?!?! That solves the mystery. I was wondering why they were both after "one" girl.
  4. Parthi

    Dimbolo dombol dar Paris

    Its amazing what he does . . but I personally don't like that kind of music. Maybe it needs some vocal, i don't know.
  5. Parthi

    Kamran and Hooman

    Yeah I liked it too . . the drawing part was fresh and good
  6. Parthi

    New Singer: Sasha

    That is true. Personally, I like Ravi's videos out of everyone else's . . .
  7. Parthi

    New Singer: Sasha

    First of all I wouldnt mind seeing the blonde dance more :dance_baby_wft: second of all yeah . . . dont see many koji videos generating comments
  8. Parthi

    New Singer: Sasha

    The video might be gay . . but the song is good
  9. Parthi

    New Singer: Sasha

    So I just finished watching Sasha's new video on bia2 and I like it . . . anyone know anything about him ?
  10. Parthi


    I saw the trailer for it the other day and it actually looked pretty good to me. So as Pourya said, I have to wait to see the whole thing.
  11. Parthi

    what are you listening to

    Hamidreza Alireza Ali Ashabi - Nato
  12. Parthi

    Where do you get your music from?

    Sometimes from retailers and sometimes online. It all depends because where I live there is not many Persian stores; so it takes them up to 2 weeks sometimes to get the new cds out.
  13. Parthi

    Bahador's new song YAHOO

    I waited a week to hear it, I thaught it was going to be the whole song. But it seems like I have to wait more . . but it was good otherwise.