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  1. My gf told me i look like cameron cartio, so i found a picture of him, and i think she was just trying to make fun of me! to me it looks like she said i look like an emo :punishing_wft: I showed a few ppl the picture and they said i look like him too, but i think its a bad thing that i look like him, even tho my gf insists its not a bad thing, but im not convinced is it a good or bad thing to look like this guy
  2. Post the funniest joke you know here! Mine is: There were 4 guys on a plane. A guy from California, a Mexican, the pope, and an Italian guy. The plane was going down, so they had to lose some weight. So, the pope throws a box of bibles out the window and says "its ok, we have a lot of these where I come from." Then the Italian guy throws some wine out the window and says "its ok, we have lots of these where i come from." Then the Californian throws the mexican out and says "its ok, we have too many of these where i come from." another is: One day god came to earth and said, every man gets a car based on how much he masterbates. the more he masterbates, the worse his car is. So a guy drives down the street in a ferrari and says, "i've got a hot wife!" then a guy in a ford goes down the street and says, "it was worth it." then a catholic church guy comes riding down the street on a dented bike
  3. Today, on my bus ride home from school, a girl asked where I was from. I said Iran, and she freaks out and moved to opposite end of bus. She actually asked me to please not blow her up or shoot her with my AK-47. She was serious is the thing that bugs me... She actually think I was gonna kill her!
  4. What do you guys think of him? I like him, but thats because my grandpa working directly with him everyday until he was overthrown, and I've heard so many stories about him...
  5. salam


    You may know FIFA has banned Iran from being in the next world cup. We as Iranians need to come together and boycott FIFA. Don't buy their video games. Don't buy their clothes. Don't buy their soccer equipment. Don't buy tickets to the World Cup. If we get enough people together to do this, and send enough complaints in, we may be able to get Iran back in.
  6. salam

    What do YOU like to do

    What do you guys like to do when you have some time off? I like to play soccer :boredom_wft: or text my friends
  7. salam

    When can YOU drive?

    What is the age to get a permit in the us? i hear 15, 15.5 and 16 all the time, which is right? When do you all drive? If the age is 15, then i start in july of 07
  8. salam

    Happy Birthday Maziar

    Maziar 1335 - Happy Birthday!
  9. Lol happy birthday to ppl who wont every see this!
  10. salam


    Guys, I think that I've caused some problems for all of you. I think you were all happier before I started posting, so I'm going to say bye. I'd like to hear what people's response to this is. Thanks
  11. salam

    Tell Us Something About The Person Above You!

    divoonehsho is a divooneh :harhar_wft[1]: just kidding! youre a nice funny person
  12. salam

    Rate the avatar above you!

    i love ur new avatar lolita jan
  13. salam

    Foreign Objects... 18+

    Were sick??? u guys shag blow up dolls, and get head from fake mouths with suction....hmmm now whos sick!!! :harhar_wft[1]: lolita dont listen, ur not sick. ur awesome! ghorboonet azizam :air_kiss_wft: im sure he didnt mean me personally....broken smile is a dab hand at generalising, women, iranians etc... lolita jan, i kno he didnt mean u specifically, but he meant iranian girls, and thats you! i dont like hearing that iranian girls are bad in any way, iranian girls are amazing!
  14. salam

    Aroosi - Rushid

    I just found it on another site, im addicted to this song! I listen over and over again!
  15. salam

    Aroosi - Rushid

    This a great song! Theres a video at http://www.bia2.com/video/player.php?id=160 It isn't working for some reason right now, but when it does i reccomend listening!
  16. salam

    Interview: Pourya on PEJVAK

    again, no problem!
  17. salam

    Broken SmiLe

    Oh thats great, you hate ur own people. Theres a lot of problems Iranians are experiencing from racists now, i know this sounds cheesy, but we cant turn on eachother right now! :punishing_wft:
  18. salam

    soundtrack from the movie SAM&NARGES???

    I havent seen this movie, pegasuss! Sorry i cant help you
  19. salam

    the TRUTH about broken smile

    whats ur point kid? go jerk off and leave me F alone thats a pm i got from him, nice guy huh? :punishing_wft:
  20. salam

    Interview: Pourya on PEJVAK

    Pourya, congratulations! I actually just made a congratulations thing to this for you in general before i saw this. Feel free to delete it since there is 2. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN
  21. salam

    Foreign Objects... 18+

    Were sick??? u guys shag blow up dolls, and get head from fake mouths with suction....hmmm now whos sick!!! :harhar_wft[1]: lolita dont listen, ur not sick. ur awesome!
  22. salam

    the TRUTH about broken smile

    If I called you a kid I REALLY MEAN IT! you are a kid!!!!! ok smart boy why don't you share your PM in the thread that you sent to me before posting my respnse to your PM? AND I NEVER SAID NOR PRETENDED TO BE A NICE GUY, I AM WHO I AM AND YOU HAVE EYES AND HEAD, IF YOU THINK I'M EVIL PERSON THEN YOU BETTER LISTEN TO YOUR MOMA AND DON'T TALK TO ME! if u would actually read, i posted what i said, thanks.
  23. salam

    SH A GH A Y E GH

    lolita i love that quote spread love not hate
  24. salam

    the TRUTH about broken smile

    just for some background info on this to people who read: he had a picture of a guy who was barely covered, so i sent a pm asking how come he had that if he kept bragging about how he loved women so much (not to be offensive, but just out of curiosity) thats about it
  25. salam

    the TRUTH about broken smile

    thats exactly why i opened this thread! next time ill just send to you, sorry i didnt know i could do that!