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  1. salam

    Farsi word association thread

    shoombool/ghamze :bl NINI (sorry khodam javabe khodamo dadam vali kheili shansi bahal zad) ok that was kinda gross :punishing_wft: tuvalet
  2. yasijoon, the point of this wasnt do i look but him, but is it a good thing? from my perspective is a bad thing, but i wanted to hear a woman's perspective on the subject
  3. seriously i agree, he looks gay! i dont want to look like him! im 14
  4. salam


    :DD ive gotta see that!
  5. salam

    What is "Sexy"

    rofl volleyball? ur a girly man :harhar_wft[1]: lol I don't see anything wrong with playing volleyball douchebag! :t I dislocated the nose of those ppl who said volleyball is a girly sport! I bet you play hide-and-seek LMAO ) :t by the way I used to play with Ali Niknam!!Now thats intense :v who??? and i play soccer :boredom_wft:
  6. I think people can date at 13, but a real relationship? maybe 18, 19?
  7. salam

    Pouya vs. Jamshid

    :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: JAMSHID JAMSHID JAMSHID :clap2: :clap2: :clap2:
  8. salam


    I like his music, but not all of it. How bout you guys?
  9. salam


    thats not your taste :eek_wft:???! than what is!
  10. salam

    Male Belly Dancer

    im scared to watch it
  11. salam

    Farsi word association thread

    jeesh :DD
  12. salam

    Post your baby pictures

    awwwwwwww :bl
  13. salam


    is that good? i wanted to see it
  14. salam


    hey trial was on the 10th. she hasnt getting her sentence yet, but i think she'll prolly get stoned :eek_wft:
  15. salam

    Tell Us Something About The Person Above You!

    yeah im shaheen. broken smile likes shaghayegh a little much!
  16. salam


    funny video!
  17. salam


    omg thats funny
  18. salam

    Politic Toons

    nice neeloofar :clap2:
  19. salam

    Farsi word association thread

    rial Madrid madrid isnt farsi :harhar_wft[1]: :harhar_wft[1]: futbal
  20. salam


    for psp i like midnight club and medal of honor!
  21. lol sing ma merim be madrese... ba... ELEFAN TESHU HE :dance_baby_wft:
  22. salam

    Hii Guy's ..x

    especially me :bl
  23. I was trying to say that, there are no exceptions! I'll give you some examples! Hitler! People call him a murderer, sole less, Monster, etc! But! Wasn't he a human? Cannibals! They are human too! Young people who commit suicide! So! If Soul, Morality, Will to live and other symbolic icons; represent " Humanity " , then those people can not be human! You have talked about animals! But! Which animal is capable of killing millions of people by itself? Suicide is really rare in between animals and so is cannibalism! Then you see! Humane's are different even in some of the behaviour which they share with other species! Ok! I've talked a lot! Sorry! whoa. that was deep, i didnt even understand it all, but well said! :t
  24. salam

    What's Your Fave Old School Tune??

    OMG i love that song...at his concert it was the most requested song!!! he cud just do an hour concert and do that song and ppl wud be happy!!! LOOOOOL! :dance_baby_wft: i think ive heard that before!