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  1. salam

    I wish you knew...

    oh, itll make me happy too :punishing_wft: and u better not start being a jerk to lolita
  2. salam

    the TRUTH about broken smile

    do you want it reported to you, or do i not need to now?
  3. salam

    Last time you had sex?

    iranian chicks? I didn't try that many iranian girls I'm kinda not interested at all iranian chicks are good for nothing but givin you a headache and making life miserable (no disrespect) how can u say that and mean "no disrespect"??? you cant just make a generalisation like that esp. if you aint "tried that many iranian girls"?? i know! im not an iranian girl and i think thats a horrible thing to say! women arent things u can just try :punishing_wft:
  4. salam

    I wish you knew...

    well said lolita jan
  5. salam

    I wish you knew...

  6. salam


    star of the day: me!!! :wavetowel2: :happy_wft:
  7. salam

    Dariush vs. Ebi

    ebi ebi ebi! :dance_baby_wft:
  8. salam

    Truth or Lies

    FALSE science is hard im in 9th grade
  9. salam

    Truth or Lies

    false man ashe reshte mikham
  10. salam

    Army thing called "Sarbazi"

    True, but its $5,000. You can also wait till your 40s, after a certain age they wont want to draft you becuz of being old. 5000 is worth it to get to go to iran... sometimes they dont pay attention to the sarbazi payment tho
  11. salam

    Answer and ask the next person

    Khoresht ghorme sabzi of course. I have no question. Can't think of one. Somebody else can ask the question... ok i will! do you know where khanoomi went?
  12. salam

    What is "Sexy"

    rofl volleyball? ur a girly man :harhar_wft[1]: lol I don't see anything wrong with playing volleyball douchebag! :t I dislocated the nose of those ppl who said volleyball is a girly sport! I bet you play hide-and-seek LMAO ) :t by the way I used to play with Ali Niknam!!Now thats intense :v who??? and i play soccer :boredom_wft: I'll kick your butt in soccer as well -_- I was a champ back in highschool I play tennis(3 times city champion, 2002,04,05), snowboard, ice-skating, mountain biking, and... gotta something to say now SOrry i also play tennis and snowboard
  13. salam


    wow wot a weird combo! weird? yes. but oh so tasty! :happy_wft:
  14. salam

    Rate the avatar above you!

    how come u always gotta have no shirt in ur pic??? i give it 6/10
  15. salam

    Iran has WIFI!!

    be careful on sites u go to in iran tho, i hear theres some strict laws :punishing_wft:
  16. salam

    Your own Art work

    thanks!! i love ur new avatar, i saw it an almost got it for mine a week ago!
  17. salam

    Army thing called "Sarbazi"

    you can get out of the draft by paying money
  18. salam

    I love...

    cholo cholo cholo kabob! cholo cholo cholo kabob! :yeah:
  19. salam

    Khanoomi is gone!

    What happened to Khanoomi? I miss her!!!
  20. salam

    Post your baby pictures

    didnt work again!
  21. salam

    Post your baby pictures

    had to block out face, sorry i was super seski! i got all the ladies! thats me at age 2 :bl
  22. salam

    Jamshid - Aashti video

    Like what? i just watched and it didnt notice anything slutty :punishing_wft: but neloofar gets an opinion!
  23. salam

    I Feel Like...

    :eek_wft: are you crazy!!! i feel like playing soccer, but its very cold and dark! :boredom_wft:
  24. salam

    Your own Art work

    didnt work. let me try again!