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    hahahah oh wow.. man.. um. Thanks .. hahaha :bl
  2. astrotimelaps

    Bia2 Rumours...something fishy goin on?

    chasp... hatman zanget meezanam.. haha
  3. astrotimelaps

    Bia2 Rumours...something fishy goin on?

    Rumor has it that I am going to follow my dads footsteps and become a singer... well.. according to Tehran Magazine I am.... hehehe.... vay, cheh ghad axam zesht bood rooyeh majeleheh..... meekhastam bokosham pedaramo.. lol..
  4. astrotimelaps


    thanks guys!! Its cool to find a place where I can just keep in touch with the persian people! hahaha youknow what I mean.. I just moved to San Francisco, and in the city, im kind of having a hard time finding my fellow Iroonis!... so yeah, this is awesome.
  5. astrotimelaps


    Hi.. Im new.. obviously. ;) I'm Nasim Barjesteh... decided to finally join in the forums.. see whats going on, say hello, alllll that good stuff.. HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.. okay.. im good