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    The Best Poem of 2006

    Some political poetry is mere rant, but not Espada's. Exemplified by this eighth collection, his work captures the depth of human experience as shaped by the political inevitabilities of both America and Latin America.The Best American Poetry series offers a distinguished poet's selection of poems published in the course of a year. The guest editor for 2006 is Billy Collins, one of our most beloved poets, who has chosen poems of wit, humor, imagin.# Summarizes this issue as "an anthology that demonstrates the vitality of American poetry and showcases poems of wit, charm, humor, eloquence, ingenuity, and comic invention."
  2. petercheck

    StarCraft II

    It's a classic style of real-time strategy play, one old-school RTS gamers should be very familiar with.It would need to be epic. And in almost every way it succeeds. It isn’t perfect, but StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty offers one of the best games in the real-time strategy genre ever made.That’s all been forgotten. Now, the human dictators are being dicks, the Protoss are back on the scene, and the Zerg are advancing. It’s the perfect time to lead an army.