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    Salaam or Dorood? Which to Say?

    Salaam...99% melat Iran ba samemiyat loghat "Salaam" estefadeh mikonand va hargez feker nemikonan keh Arabist ..hamantor 100% melat Iran loghat "Telephone" estefadeh mikonnad va hich kari nadarn keh keh in loghat englisiest I honestly believe that today we must set aside our prejudice and move on in very important issues ... to use Salaam or Dorood it all depends to what kind of group of people or friends we are dealing with; however whenever we are address our nation, we have to use Salaam as the majority of Iranian using the word of Salaam and they really don't care that the word is Arabic...as they use the word of Telephone and thousands other English, French, Russian, German and other words mixed with Persian Language. Also we shall never forget that many Iranian their first language is Arabic and these kinds of arguments may offend them.