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    Adults only

    Never mind.. i've just move my house and have no net for a month!so i stuck in it with my boring mobile phone's net...Just it! aah..how boring orange is!i can't get even through the facebook!
  2. qazal23

    Adults only

    oh.puriya! i posted it following your story in another page..about,love me just for who i am! \by the way,why the rules are so tight?!ok.so i have to BIKHIALI TEY KONAM
  3. qazal23

    Adults only

    Mmm..somewhere you're true & other not.. the only thing you need to do is to impress your girls with love!not exactly be hero,just behave as she feel so!
  4. qazal23

    Adults only

    may someone tell me the password of adult forum?
  5. qazal23

    Hi to all new members!

    Oh!girl is muh better word!20
  6. qazal23

    Hi to all new members!

    Hi. i'm new user.i have a week left befor my clas start!is it worth to spending time here for pleasure?
  7. ras migin.bazi vaqta ..dige. rasti,man taze ozv shodam.inja chejurie?