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  1. gutiquaresma

    Googoosh In Istanbul

    I saw the photos of the concert on yesterday's newspaper. Many people came from Iran for this concert. It was nice to accomodate her in Istanbul. I would want Leila Forouhar to come here in the future .
  2. gutiquaresma

    Who can teach me persian ? :)

    i also plan to learn persian. i'll probably start to take courses in late september, but i already know a little bit of persian lol.
  3. gutiquaresma

    hi everyone

    hi everyone. che khabar? i have just registered and really happy to be here. i live in canada but i'm originally from istanbul/turkey. i wanted to join this forum cuz at least half of my friends are iranian (i live in north york-toronto LOL), i think we really have a lot in common and i really like your language. thanks a lot!